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What is an “Invitation to Play” and How the Heck Do I Do It?

Now that I have a big-girl two year old, I have really started to rethink my approach to her toys and her play. Of course I want her to build her imagination, experience new situations, and learn about the world around her through creativity, but I also don’t want to spend my life hot gluing […]

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A hard lesson in living in the now

I’m known for being dramatic from time to time… {rolls eyes…} Whatever. Sometimes the dramatics are necessary. Other times it’s dramatics mixed with true emotion. Add into all of that pregnancy and you have the perfect recipe for “the end of the world”.  And the “end of the world” occurred for me recently. Over time […]

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Fresh Eggs or Frozen? A Clear Look at Your Donor Egg Options

*brought to you by Donor Egg Bank USA You know you want a baby, and you know you want to experience pregnancy, complete with feeling those little baby kicks. But for one of many possible reasons, you have decided to use donor egg IVF to get pregnant. So now you might be asking yourself, Okay—now what?  […]

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Hooray for Hand-me-downs!

Hand-me-downs – hands down – have been a godsend to our family. In addition to second-hand children’s stores, my children are clothed in pre-worn duds about 90% of the time. Better yet, you would never even know and my bank account gets to breathe a sigh of relief. Here’s the deal. Kids clothes are adorable yet overpriced, sized […]

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Shop, Save & Give Back at Goodwill

I have teenage daughters, and when it comes to back-to-school shopping, my wallet sweats! One look at their wish list, and my mental math needs a calculator! All kidding aside, my girls are actually pretty thrifty. With the rise of local trendy teen consignment shops, buying used doesn’t phase them much. So when I told […]

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Because I’m your mother, that’s why!

The other day I was washing one of my favorite mugs and it slipped from my soapy hands into the sink. It broke. I was heartbroken because it was the first mug I had received as a wife. It was the perfect size mug too. So while at TJ Maxx, I was browsing around and remembered […]

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Waxing the City :: Contributors Event {Re-cap}

We are super excited for one of our newest Orlando Mompreneurs, Katie Gibbs! Katie is a mama of three who recently opened our one and only Central Florida Waxing the City franchise, in the Dr. Phillips shopping complex! Katie and her fabulous entourage of cerologists invited Orlando Moms Blog owner Kristi Corley and our entire contributing team, […]

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Watermelon Agua Fresca

Growing up in a border city I was surrounded by the best Mexican food. Every Sunday we would go to church then cross the border in to Juarez, Mexico to do our grocery shopping. There, we would spend time in the Mercado buying meat from the butcher, getting fresh produce from vendors, tasting the freshest […]

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