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“If there’s no fire, flood or blood – work it out.”   “If there’s no fire, flood or blood – work it out.”  When I first heard my sister tell her kids that, it cracked me up. She’s 6 years younger than me but has been a mom a lot longer than I have. We […]

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Resources for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Becoming a mom almost 4 years ago has not only been the biggest blessing in my life, it has motivated me to push myself in many ways I probably wouldn’t have before.  This 3 letter word…“Mom”…has made me more confident and more creative. Since day one, I’ve had to become a creative problem solver, whether […]

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Watermelon Agua Fresca

Growing up in a border city I was surrounded by the best Mexican food. Every Sunday we would go to church then cross the border in to Juarez, Mexico to do our grocery shopping. There, we would spend time in the Mercado buying meat from the butcher, getting fresh produce from vendors, tasting the freshest […]

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Dear friends…I still need you in my life.

To my friends who are single or don’t have kids yet, I’m a bad friend and I’d like to apologize. Even though I don’t say this enough, I still need you in my life. Continue inviting me to your girl’s night out. Continue inviting me to your birthday parties, your weddings and special occasions. Continue texting […]

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Finding Dory Snack Mix

  One of my daughter’s favorite movies was Finding Nemo. In anticipation of the new movie Finding Dory, my daughter and I are having a lot of fun with all the Finding Dory products that are available. Because she’s so excited about the movie, we started making snacks and desserts that are Dory themed. I’ve […]

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