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Flatbread – It’s What’s for Dinner

This is “the Summer of Flatbreads” in my kitchen. I’ve rediscovered the simplicity and diversity of flatbreads for dinner. Here’s my most recent flatbread creation. I started by spreading jarred bruschetta sauce over the flatbread. Next I sautéed finely chopped Vidalia onions, sliced portobello mushrooms, and chopped tricolor peppers in olive oil, adding the mixture over the […]

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The Immeasurable Pain of Infertility

  6 years, 24 days 316 weeks, 3 days 2215 days 53,160 hours 3,189,600 minutes That’s the amount of time that passed between our wedding and the birth of our twin daughters. It seemed like forever. Time crawls when you are a childless mother. Infertility starts with a whisper. I was 36 and my husband […]

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Trader Joe’s = Dinner Planning Made Easy – Part 2

Last November I wrote about several items from Trader Joe’s that have really helped me to speed up and simplify cooking dinner on work nights. Blog readers and friends told me that they found my suggestions helpful, so I decided to write a follow-up post. If you’re new to shopping at Trader Joe’s, I’d suggest leaving the kids at […]

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No, I’m Not Their Grandmother!

It happened again. I was watching my 12 year old twins ride motorized animal scooters at Artegon Marketplace when two ladies sitting on a bench struck up a conversation with me. “Are those your granddaughters?” one asked. “No,” I said with a heavy sigh, “they are my daughters.” Apparently hard of hearing, she repeated the question. […]

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Super Bowl Kid Crafts

Whether you are hosting a Super Bowl gathering, going to one, or watching at home, here are some ideas to get the kids excited for the big game. Make team themed desserts: Here’s a throwback photo to 2010 when my New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl. We baked sugar cookies and decorated them with colored sugars […]

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My Word Is … Choose

{{Our team was inspired by one of our fellow contributor’s posts, “No More New Year’s Resolutions – Just Choose One Word”, so we decided to share our selected words and the reasoning behind them in a series called “My Word Is…”. Follow along as we share our stories, and then update on where our words […]

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Please Ground the Helicopters

Without a doubt, experience is the best teacher. My twin daughters are in sixth grade. Despite all the parenting books I’d read and the war stories I’d heard, I was ill-prepared for the drama of middle school. I was equally unprepared for the sky filled with helicoptering adults constantly monitoring the middle school drama.   Google “helicopter […]

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Got Resolutions?

GOT RESOLUTIONS? res·o·lu·tion /rezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/ noun plural noun: resolutions a firm decision to do or not to do something. synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan; commitment, pledge, promise January 1st. A clean slate. A pristine new year filled with possibilities. The year that I will finally: lose 15 pounds, read to my children every night, plan […]

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Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Babysitter

Our subdivision participates in the Nextdoor website. For those unfamiliar, Nextdoor is self-described as “a private social network for your neighborhood.” Recent posts have included requests for recommendations for a lawn service and a handyman, and photos of patio furniture for sale. And then this post caught my eye last Tuesday: Anyone have a babysitter they would recommend? […]

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Official Holiday Guide to Teacher Gifts

This is an “Official Holiday Guide to Teacher Gifts” because I polled ACTUAL TEACHERS.  What you are about to read is a compilation of the favorite and least favorite gifts of seven pre-school and grade school teachers who collectively have taught for over 165 years. Here’s the question that I posted on Facebook: Tagging all my teacher friends […]

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