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Santa Gifts – To Wrap or Not?

“Different families, different rules,” is my simple explanation when it comes to why our family’s rules are not the same as other families.  A modified version of this saying applies to Christmas, “different families, different traditions.” To wrap or not to wrap Santa’s gifts falls squarely in the “different families, different traditions” category. Santa never wrapped my gifts, […]

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A Visit to the Orlando American Girl Store

After much anticipation, Orlando’s American Girl store opened in the Florida Mall in mid-November, just in time for the holidays. I surprised my daughters with a visit to the store, including lunch at the Bistro, on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Let me begin this post by saying that while I know American Girl products are not for everyone, we are […]

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A Tooth Fairy Primer

If your children are somewhere between the fist-sucking drooling days of cutting their first teeth and the excitement of that first loose tooth, this post is for you.  The Tooth Fairy made her first appearance at our house six years ago, September 2009 to be precise. Although pre-Pinterest, I was determined to make the Tooth Fairy experience marginally magical. […]

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Moms Judging Moms

Every mom needs at least one, and preferably several, of those friends. The non-judgmental, “OMG I’ve done that (insert any less than spectacular parenting moment in here), too” kind of friend. Since you are reading this on a Moms Blog, I can probably skip the “being a mom is the most rewarding and the most […]

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The Red Dress Tradition

Please allow me to share some wisdom that I’ve gained over the years…  The best family traditions are those that just naturally evolve.   When my daughters were born, I had lots of ideas about traditions that I wanted to begin.  Some worked (celebrating our half birthdays), some fell flat (matching Christmas pajamas).  As time passed, I realized that […]

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Halloween Candy Buy Back

About a month ago, I took my girls for a consultation at an orthodontist.  He mentioned to them that even though they were not “officially” patients, they could bring their candy into the office on the Monday after Halloween and sell it to him for $1.00 a pound, up to five pounds.  They loved this […]

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The Custom of Handwritten Thank-You Notes

I was probably eight-years old when I received my first box of personalized note cards. The cards were powder blue with “Elizabeth” printed in white, and I thought that they were quite elegant.  My mother instilled in me the importance of writing thank-you notes, and I’m sure she’s smiling in heaven as I pass that custom on to […]

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The Orlando Repertory Theater – A Local Treasure

The Orlando Repertory Theater is a local treasure. If you have not attended a production there, you are really missing out. Last weekend we took our daughters and a friend to see The Borrowers, which runs through this Sunday, September 28th. At Intermission, one of my daughters remarked, “I didn’t like the animated movie “The […]

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Don’t Kid Yourself – The Holidays Are Looming

Labor Day weekend is like a siren in my head proclaiming that the holidays are on the way. Don’t kid yourself people – it may still be 90 degrees – but Halloween is around the corner.  Then Thanksgiving.  Then Christmas.  My ten-year old daughters started planning their Halloween costumes last weekend. They prefer to create their own […]

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The Family Calendar - our favorite, the Stick-Up Weekly Calendar by Poketo!

The Family Calendar

It’s hard to find just the right calendar for tracking the activities of the entire family.  I went through several versions before hitting on a simple solution that works for us. Lots of articles have been written on this topic, and I’ve read many of them in the quest for the holy grail of calendars. When […]

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The Birthday Party Circuit

Shortly after my girls were born, my cousin John (whose daughters were four and six at the time) offhandedly remarked, “Just wait, before you know it you will be spending your weekends on ‘The Birthday Party Circuit.’” I recalled his prophetic words a few years later when my inbox overflowed with Evites and our refrigerator […]

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