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A Dragon Ate My Princess: 7 Scary Tales of Mothering Girls Through Puberty

You’ve heard of the 7 year itch in marriage? Well, there’s a 7 year twitch in parenting. Ages 11 – 18. I’m halfway through death valley, seasoned in dodging the eye roll but still learning the slang and technology. For those just entering these years, let me be your cautionary tale. These are the seven […]

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A Mother’s Intuition

Mother’s intuition is a real thing. For me, it’s that strange moment of clarity out of the blue where you just know something. Particularly when you know something is just not right. And you usually know it before anyone else does. Intuitively.  I’ve read about how losing one of the five senses seems to heighten […]

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Are you still nursing?

Are you still nursing? I get this question a lot.  Depending on the speaker, the tone, inflection and/or accompanying look can vary widely. The reason I get this question regularly is because my boys, who are both still nursing, are three and a half and seventeen (17) months. Neither are babies any longer and we […]

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Diaper Need Awareness Week

This week is Diaper Need Awareness Week! Diaper Need Awareness Week is a Nationwide Awareness Week that was started as a way to shed light on a basic need that so many families struggle with – a need that most of us do not even think about – diapers. Unfortunately, WIC, food stamps and other government […]

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{National Potty Training Month} 4 Day Potty Training

  by guest contributor Katie Schweitzer SUPPLIES Kid potty Stickers Juice, milk, water, popsicles, yogurt, any liquids 4 day potty training chart Toilet Paper Wipes Big Girl Panties (let your kid pick some out!) T-shirts Dresses Three types of candies or treats (it’s going to be a sugar overload for a couple days, but it […]

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Chalkboard Toy Box Tutorial

Hello everybody! I’m so happy to be visiting Orlando Moms Blog to share this toy box tutorial with you. It’s one of my favorite projects from my little girl’s nursery and continues to be a lot of fun, especially as she’s getting older. When I was pregnant I often lay in bed at night sketching […]

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