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I Need Our Friendship to Sparkle

I Need Our Friendship to Sparkle

I’ve always got a cause. In every season, I’m up to something, going through something, or fired up about something. It would be both foolish and selfish of me to ask my friends to care about what I care about all the time, in every situation. Because just like me, I know you have passions, […]

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Tampa to Orlando and Back Again – a regional comparison by a “dual citizen”

My husband and I have moved between Orlando and Tampa four times, most recently moving back to Pinellas County 2 months ago. I’ve spent an equal amount of time living in each area, and consider them both home. This recent move, however, has caused more “culture shock” than I’d anticipated. After 8 years away, and […]

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Scouting Out Misconceptions about Boy Scouting

As we move back into our fall routines (blissful or brutal as yours may be), it’s time to reassess the activities taking up our kiddos’ time and our priceless energy. I was always drawn to the idea of my son being a boy scout. I was not, however, drawn in any way to the idea […]

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