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#Back-to-School Picky Eater Lunch Packing Blues

It’s back-to-school time – that time of year for lots of great blog posts with suggestions for making healthy school lunches. Pictures accompanying these articles run the gamut from ultra-Pinteresty to simple suggestions for quick and healthy lunches. And for just a fleeting moment, these posts make me feel … hopeful. “This year will be […]

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The Most Important Thing In Your Child’s Education

With my oldest soon to enter high school and my youngest learning to use the potty, I’ve been contemplating more and more about going back to work. This would be a huge change in my homeschooled family’s life. My kids aren’t used to a regular school day. It’s true there’s some days we “do school” […]

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Day Care: Finding the Perfect Fit

The Perfect Fit – Day Care Centers

With re-registration happening all around me this time of year, I couldn’t help but remember two years ago when I was stressing out about finding the “perfect” daycare fit for our son Everett. It weighed heavy on my mind for weeks, maybe even months, leading up to our decision. Here are some things to consider when researching […]

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Communicating With Your Child’s Teacher

School’s back in session. I’m a teacher. I’m a momma, too. Communicating effectively with your child’s teacher is paramount to have a successful school experience for your little ones. The following suggestions may help create healthy dialogue with your child’s teacher! 1. Don’t use Open House, the parent pick-up line, or a random spotting at Target […]

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The Family Calendar - our favorite, the Stick-Up Weekly Calendar by Poketo!

The Family Calendar

It’s hard to find just the right calendar for tracking the activities of the entire family.  I went through several versions before hitting on a simple solution that works for us. Lots of articles have been written on this topic, and I’ve read many of them in the quest for the holy grail of calendars. When […]

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Finding a School Schedule that Works for You

Transitioning back to school can be rough. The nights of staying up late and sleeping in are suddenly over. Playtime in the pool is mostly reserved for Friday nights, and schedules need to be followed. That being said, there are a few tips to make this transition a little easier. 1: Move bedtime a little […]

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