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Home Birth and the Type A Personality

I’m a Type A. There’s no denying it. I love to plan out my color-coded calendar months in advance and our vacations down to the smallest details. I’ve researched my daughter’s extracurricular activities years before she was old enough to join just so I’d have an idea of when things occur (Daisy Girl Scouts begins at age […]

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This is Adoption

November is National Adoption Month and as I sit down and reflect on the adopting of our little girl, I thought I should write something that might be helpful to those considering adoption. I could try to bust some adoption myths or make a neat blog post of the five things you MUST know about adoption, but every situation is different and […]

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Special Delivery!

Happy New Year! We spent most of 2013 waiting for the arrival of our second baby, who arrived just before 8 a.m. on Dec. 23. What a journey it was! This labor was different in several ways from our first. Our doula, Kristi, was present for the birth of both our babies and helped us […]

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Nine Weeks and Counting…

Our single week countdown officially began this week. Our sweet baby girl is due in nine weeks, an official due date of December 24 – that’s right – Christmas Eve!  Can you think of a better Christmas present?! I keep telling my 15-month-old she is getting a sister for Christmas. She obviously has no clue […]

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