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An Introvert’s Guide to the Holidays

Few people are immune from the holiday trinity of overspending, overindulging, and over scheduling. But for introverts who get their energy by spending quiet time alone, the pace of the holiday season can be exceedingly draining. Introverts are not anti social. In fact, you would probably be surprised to learn that some of your most outgoing friends are introverts. Like me. I found […]

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Keepsake Stocking Stuffer – Bright Eyed Baby

The holidays are officially here (at least in our household); we don’t necessarily skip right to Christmas but I am a firm believer that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years go hand-in-hand. Holiday music is playing, gift shopping has slowly begun, and with that comes stocking stuffer ideas. I have had the honor of reviewing some […]

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2015 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s inevitable, the holiday season is here and the frenzy of shopping and gift giving will could consume us.  Let’s take the crazy out of shopping with the 2015 Holiday Gift Guide! In the guide, you’ll find 1. Gifts for the KIDS in your life and gift ideas for GUYS at Oviedo Mall 2. Jewelry that is stylish, versatile and that will last […]

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Tips for a Credit-Free Christmas

  It’s late September and that can only mean one thing. It won’t be long until you hear the first faint strains of Christmas music at the mall. One moment you are browsing the summer sale racks and the next you find yourself subconsciously singing along to “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.” […]

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When Wanting More Collides with Christmas

It’s Christmas. The Season of Giving. But I’m struggling. Struggling because I want. I’ve spent the last week driving around new subdivisions. Dreaming. Houses with granite countertops and more than one kitchen drawer. Houses with more than 1000 square feet. I want a new house. I open my closet door each morning and sigh big. […]

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I have a Christmas baby…. now what?

My little guy was due on January 7th and I thought, perfect! He will be here after the holiday craziness is over… But on Christmas Eve of 2004, I woke up at 3:30 AM feeling horrible. Sure enough, I was in labor and I could NOT believe it! At 8:21am on Christmas morning (after barely […]

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Our “Hodgepodge” Christmas Tree

We have what I fondly call a “hodgepodge” Christmas tree, decorated with all sorts of ornaments that we’ve collected over many years.  Each Christmas, I love unwrapping the tissue paper from every ornament and remembering its origin.  Some of our ornaments graced my family’s Christmas tree when I was growing up.  My husband and I both have ornaments that […]

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Email Christmas Cards – Is This a “Thing” Now?

This morning, while checking my email, the strangest thing happened. I got an email from my husband’s cousin’s family out in California. Getting an email from them is not strange – It’s what’s inside that made my mind wiggle. I opened up the email and, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature […]

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Santa Gifts – To Wrap or Not?

“Different families, different rules,” is my simple explanation when it comes to why our family’s rules are not the same as other families.  A modified version of this saying applies to Christmas, “different families, different traditions.” To wrap or not to wrap Santa’s gifts falls squarely in the “different families, different traditions” category. Santa never wrapped my gifts, […]

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