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Sunday morning I woke up to a notification on my phone which read, “Mass shooting in Orlando. 20 confirmed dead. Many injured.” My Facebook feed began to fill. Instagram photos began to circulate saying #PrayForOrlando. Within the next hour, my family went to church, and I expected that they would say something about the tragic event. Indeed, there […]

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When I…Just. Can’t. Even. Anymore.

Let me clarify…I have a toddler. I could literally end this post now, because if you have a toddler, or have been through this weird twilight zone then you know what I’m talking about. Our daughter is three, and right in the thick of testing every single boundary possible. From wanting to sit on the potty, […]

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Having fun dancing together

Birth Order and Personality: What if She’s the Oldest, Middle AND Younger Sister?

I never know how to describe one of my daughters when asked where she “falls”. She is the first born of twin girls and she has an older sister. So is she a middle daughter? Older twin?  Younger sister? Yes. All of the above. Right or wrong, I usually say she’s our middle daughter, but […]

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The Immeasurable Pain of Infertility

  6 years, 24 days 316 weeks, 3 days 2215 days 53,160 hours 3,189,600 minutes That’s the amount of time that passed between our wedding and the birth of our twin daughters. It seemed like forever. Time crawls when you are a childless mother. Infertility starts with a whisper. I was 36 and my husband […]

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Carb-ing Out Time to Think About Food {plus recipe!}

OK, so some of you know that I had bariatric surgery (or sleeve gastrectomy, to use the technical term) about a month and a half ago. My main goal is to get my diabetes under control through eating right and weight management. Weight loss is a big part of that process. To be perfectly honest, […]

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Why WIC Works

Hunger is real. In a country like the USA, an economically developed country, how is it that 49 million Americans struggle to put food on the table? 49 million. Let that sink in. 16 million kids, that’s 1 in 5, come from homes that do not have the means to have access to food. Ask […]

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