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Lessons Learned – The First Year Of Cell Phones

I caved to the pressure last Christmas and convinced my husband that it was time to get our twelve year old daughters smartphones. They were two of the few sixth graders at their school without phones. Before sixth grade they were never alone, always either with my husband or me, a sitter, or at school.  I’d consistently said […]

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Dear Mom – How Parenting Has Changed Since I Was A Kid

I recently attended a baby shower and found myself fascinated by some of the gifts – new baby products that did not exist when my almost thirteen year old twins were babies. I thought of my own mother, who passed away when my girls were not quite two, and how she would be astounded not only by […]

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Using the Language Our Teens Speak

It’s been less than 10 years since iPhone changed our country, our culture, our world. Gone are the days of pay phones and Facebook via the desktop. As a member of the generation with my childhood riding in cars without movie entertainment and my adulthood running pace with technology, I have welcomed many of the changes brought to us […]

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A hard lesson in living in the now

I’m known for being dramatic from time to time… {rolls eyes…} Whatever. Sometimes the dramatics are necessary. Other times it’s dramatics mixed with true emotion. Add into all of that pregnancy and you have the perfect recipe for “the end of the world”.  And the “end of the world” occurred for me recently. Over time […]

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How Nemours CareConnect Saved My Saturday.

Do you have an arsenal of must-have Mom tools? Your own bag of tricks that you turn to when you’re in a bind? Well, we’ve just discovered another MUST-HAVE to be added to your tool belt. Careconnect from Nemours Children’s Health System. It was an unseasonably warm weekend morning, bright with the possibility and optimism […]

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Life’s a Hoot – Keeping Up With Kidisms

We’ve all been there.  You’re sitting at the breakfast table and your toddler says something so funny that you almost spit your coffee out of your mouth because you are dying laughing at what that tiny person just came up with in their amazing little mind.  You call your significant other to share the hilarious […]

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Sharing is Caring…My Most Favorite Apps

The new year always brings a yearning for fresh starts, organization and simplicity.  Systems, consistency and accessibility are three of my favorite words and today I am sharing some of my most favorite apps (some shared, some not) that help to simplify our crazy busy lives and make scheduling, list making and just plain surviving possible. […]

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Disconnect to Connect

Could you live without social media for an extended period of time? Everywhere you look people are gazing longingly into a phone screen as if under a trance; giving more attention to their hand than the people in front of them. In fact, we are so in tune with our phones and social media outlets […]

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How to #Hashtag

  I never understood the purpose of a hashtag, and in fact, still call it a pound sign.   Throw in a different name and all bets are off that the majority of people, especially those social media novices who are not considered “Digital Natives”, understand not only when to use it but how. When I started using Instagram […]

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