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How to #Hashtag

  I never understood the purpose of a hashtag, and in fact, still call it a pound sign.   Throw in a different name and all bets are off that the majority of people, especially those social media novices who are not considered “Digital Natives”, understand not only when to use it but how. When I started using Instagram […]

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12 Ted Talks to Inspire Your Parenting

Ok. So parenting is draining. Whether you are helping your third teenager through those confusing years, or are in the fourth trimester with your first little one, it’s all tough. I hear you loud and clear. You know what you need? A little cerebral inspiration. And probably some coffee, but one thing at a time. If […]

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Six Apps for Your Preschooler

Since the dawning of the smartphone in 2007, I’ve held a firm position: “iPhones aren’t for kids and I’ll never download an app for my 3-year-old.” I believed math facts were best memorized via homemade flashcards, and puzzles were best done on a card table in the corner of the family room. I wish I […]

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Lunchbox Jokes

Lunchbox jokes are a fun way to give you kiddo a mid-day boost, and they’re also a painless way to help budding readers hone their skills without feeling like they’re practicing. I hope you’ll copy some of these onto Post-It notes, stick them in with a PB&J, and give your grade-schooler a reason to giggle! […]

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GIVEAWAY! Win Tickets to Minecraft at the Movies!

If your kids are as obsessed with Minecraft as mom are about fashion, then you’ll understand why they HAVE to head to the nearest major movie theater to actually PLAY MINECRAFT AT THE MOVIES. WHO? Your little gamer can play on their laptop in a comfy, cool chair at the movies while they socialize and work together […]

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Books – Digital, Printed, or Both?

  Last night I ordered three books that I plan to read on our beach vacation.  I asked several friends for book recommendations, added about ten books to my Amazon cart, then whittled my choices down to three.  I am giddy at the idea of pleasure reading at the beach — something I couldn’t do when my children […]

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Growing Up Via Spring Break

So we had what one might describe as our most interesting spring break this year. My thirteen-year-old EIGHTH GRADER went on a week-long trip to New York City with only her schoolmates and some teacher and administrator chaperones. No parents allowed. Meanwhile, the eleven-year-old FIFTH GRADER had to stay home part of the week with […]

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Using Craigslist to Save Time and Money

Using Craig’s List to Save Time and Money

Often, busy moms can’t find the time for shopping — you know the real kind of shopping where you visit several stores, compare prices, see, touch, feel, and otherwise consider options. We are also more careful these days about how and where we spend our family’s precious cash. One way to avoid paying too much […]

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