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Self-Care: Secure your own mask first

I never recognized the value of self-care until I had a child. Before I had my son, I exercised for an hour daily 6 days a week, I got my hair done every 8 weeks, I got a pedicure every 6-8 weeks, I visited with friends 1-2 times a week, I read for pleasure and […]

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Mentally Adjusting to Motherhood

I’m a “goals-and-task” type of person, and I spend a lot of time thinking about how to be successful and how not to fall off track. This keeps me on an ultimate high – until I forget how to just relax and enjoy life. Mentally adjusting to motherhood has been a huge battle for me.  You […]

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Kid-Approved Swim School!

We had the privilege of attending Goldfish Swim School with our 2 year old, Adella. She is our most spirited child but also the baby of the family. In typical birth order fashion, she is spoiled to the MAX. She gets what she wants and my husband can’t stand to see her cry. We had […]

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