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Cursive – Becoming a Lost Art?

​I took my daughter to the bank last Saturday to open a checking account and get a debit card. Opening an account at the bank is not a speedy process and requires a lot of verifying information on the banker’s keypad. After providing her birth certificate, her social security card, and selecting a debit card […]

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My new love for exercise classes

I have a newly found love for exercise classes. Having been an athlete as a child, teen and college student, I have been a work out fanatic all of my adult life. Prior to baby, I was a runner and a gym rat, spending an hour sometimes two exercising. It kept me sane. I have […]

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DIY Father’s Day Photo Gift

  Father’s Day is this weekend, so we’ve put together a quick and easy DIY Father’s Day photo gift idea that is perfect to do with your little ones of any age. By easy, we mean that this project is a piece of cake if your child(ren) can sit still, look at the camera, and smile on […]

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