4 Fun Ideas for Hot Cocoa with Kids

As we head into the final countdown towards Christmas and the kiddos are on winter break, here are some fun ideas you can have with everyone’s favorite drink: hot cocoa!

4 Fun Ideas for Hot Cocoa with Kids1. Dress up your cocoa!

The latest trend is decadent milkshakes and drinks. Let your kids experiment with flavored whipped creams, colored marshmallows, sprinkles or drizzle chocolate or caramel sauce on top. BONUS TIP: Don’t leave Mommy out… She can dress up hers too with some Godiva Liquer!

2. A Healthier Version (shhhh!)

If you’re looking for a healthy, yummy alternative for the kids, there are lots of recipes that don’t use a lot of sugar. Check out this healthy, easy hot cocoa recipe with almond milk.

3. Hot Cocoa Stand!

We may live in Florida, home of citrus, but this time of year, say goodbye to lemonade and hello to hot cocoa stands! Set the kids up with hot drink cups, hot cocoa mix, whipped cream, chocolate sprinkles and cute decor (you probably have a bunch out already for your holiday celebrations!). If your neighborhood has a lot of lights, this is a fun activity for the kids to do as people drive through to look at holiday light displays.

4. Colored Hot Cocoa?!

One of my favorites is hot cocoa in colors like this blue one (I have to support my Gators in the off-season!). The kids love the unique turquoise color it turns and we theme ours with either silver sprinkles and lots of whipped cream (Elsa’s cocoa) or caramel sauce and orange sprinkles (for that full Gator effect). They also have red, orange, gold, etc., if you (gasp!) happen to like a different team. ðŸ˜‰

So as your fun cookie baking activities commence this week, don’t forget this other fun sweet, easy treat… hot cocoa! 


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