5 Tips for Selling Stuff Online (MLM) and not Annoy Your Friends

First let’s start off by saying congratulations. I’m so proud of you for finding a way to help support your family while simultaneously being there for your children. I truly hope this venture is successful for you. However, here’s the thing, I’m your friend, not your client and I need to make sure you remember that.

So here are 5 simple tips to help keep our friendship intact

1. Have a plan to move your business completely off of your personal Facebook page

When you start direct sales, it’s understandable that you approach your family and friends first. I want to help and I completely support you. However, we can’t be your only clients. You have to work hard to build your customer database and use other platforms to service them. This can easily be done by creating a Business Facebook page and setting a date to completely move all of your sales pitches there. Now of course you can invite me to like your page or add me to your groups, but that bring us to tip number 2.

2. Respect a NO

If you invite me to like your Facebook page I will gladly do it but others may not want to. Do not continue to send requests. The same goes for groups. If you add me to a group and I remove myself, it means that I do not want to be in your group. Do not continue to re-add me. If you ask me to throw a party and I say “No”, that means no forever. If you ask me to join your team and I say no thanks, I don’t need “another chance to change my life” in 2 months. No means NO.

3. Don’t get unfollowed/ unfriended

In the beginning most of your advertising will be on your personal page and that is okay. However, most of your friends and family will not be interested in the product you are selling. That means that if you only post about your product them most will choose to unfollow or unfriend you. This will be detrimental to your business and your relationships. To avoid this, try to space out your direct sales posts. Continue to post things that will interest your friends and family and remind them that you want to share your life with them and funny cat memes and not just your business.

4. Don’t only contact about sales

If I buy something from you chances are I just did it to support you. The best way to make me regret that decision and guarantee that I don’t buy anything else from you, is to only message me about new products. If we are friends then act like it. If you have messaged me 3 times about your new liquid eyeliner but still haven’t sent me a message congratulating me on the birth of my new child, then something is wrong. Even if all you see me as is a client now, I shouldn’t be aware of that.

5. Most importantly, be honest

Some products work and some products don’t. Some products are worth the money and some aren’t. I understand that you need to try to sell all of your inventory and upsell if possible but you shouldn’t need to lie to do that. Don’t tell me that those bright pink unicorn leggings look good on me if they don’t. Don’t pretend like that eye shadow is worth $20 just because your company sells really great foundation or that I can be a size 2 after using three magical wraps. One of the best parts about buying from a friend is that you believe you can trust them, don’t break that bond just for 10% commission.



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