Amwell Telehealth Services: Simplest Doctor Visit. EVER.

Amwell-Telehealth-Services-Simplest-Doctor-Visit-EVERDilemma: Your child seems sick, but do their symptoms warrant a doctor visit? Should I take time off of work and/or arrange a sitter for my other kids while I take them to the doctor? Don’t you wish you had a doctor at a touch of a button to answer your questions and to know if you really should hit the sick waiting room?

Solution: Amwell.

You’re constantly emailing and video chatting with friends and family, but why not with your doctor?

Amwell makes it easy for you to talk to providers, immediately. From home. 24/7.  You don’t need to call ahead or wait for a provider – Simply visit or download the Amwell mobile app on iTunes or Google Play. It’s really that simple!

Once you’ve selected your doctor, you can see and speak with them over live, high-quality video. Your conversation with your doctor will last about 10 minutes. That’s how long it takes to handle most problems, but of course you can add time if you need to. Doctors can review your history, answer questions, diagnose, treat and even prescribe medication. And your prescriptions will be sent straight to your pharmacy. Pretty cool, huh!?

Here’s why WE love Amwell.
1. Accessibility. After you download the FREE app, you can log in, create a profile, add your family info, and speak to a local doctor in MUCH less time than it takes to load the kids in the car!
2. Cost-effective.  $49 per visit. MUCH cheaper than a trip to your local urgent care clinic {~$70-$85} or the ER{>$150}
3. Insurance. They work with the nation’s largest health insurance companies, as well as many of the largest self-insured employers in the US, so check with your insurance provider. There’s a good chance they’ll cover it!
4. Quality care that you can trust – all doctors are licensed to practice and prescribe in your state, 4.5-5 star ratings, 10+ years of experience.
5. And our favorite part?  You can get your FIRST VISIT FREE when you use the promo code CITYMOMS at checkout!  The next time you have some unexplained symptoms at your house, give Amwell a try, and be sure to tell them who sent you!


*If you do end up needing to make an office appointment, you can look for a provider in your city with the handy Amwell “find a doctor” page!

Find a family doctor in Orlando today

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