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4 Easy Ways to Celebrate National Nutrition Month

Every year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics celebrates March as National Nutrition month. Dedicating thirty days of the year to nutrition, is a great way to focus on eating right and making conscious, healthier choices . The theme this year, is  ‘Go further with Food’. While it may seem vague, it is open to […]

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Why WIC Works

Hunger is real. In a country like the USA, an economically developed country, how is it that 49 million Americans struggle to put food on the table? 49 million. Let that sink in. 16 million kids, that’s 1 in 5, come from homes that do not have the means to have access to food. Ask […]

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Not a Number

Yesterday, I watched my 5 year old son playing happily after school, with that twinkle in his eyes, so unique to children. I remembered that one little boy in Nana Plaza… The first time I witnessed human trafficking was while on vacation in Bangkok, Thailand. Walking  past Nana Plaza, a famous red light district, I […]

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No Limits, No Labels, No Jam Jars’s that time of year again, after a long summer of perpetual sun, sand and sea, barbecues and family get togethers. Back to school! The month before is always a mad scramble for school supplies, books, uniforms, decent haircuts, dental check ups and what not. Plus, trying to squeeze in some last minute fun. My […]

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Beauty And The Scar.

I have a love hate relationship with summer….mostly because it involves mosquitoes and something I dread most – second to the Ebola virus – it’s bathing suit shopping. It’s pure torture and honestly, quite depressing. Sometimes I think I should just give up and wear a garbage bag (it’s black, slimming and water proof, right?) It’s a vicious cycle perpetrated by my desire to wear […]

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Women’s History Month

‘Nirbhaya’ (Fearless)… For Such a Time as This.

Naseeb, kismet, vidhi, whatever you choose to call it, the meaning is the same in every language – destiny or fate. This is Women’s History Month, coinciding with International Women’s Day on the 8th of March. I hadn’t intended on writing about Women’s Day because I’m sure there will be enough articles and speeches to assail your […]

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Spicy Cranberry Salsa

Ingredients: 1 12 oz. bag of fresh or frozen cranberries 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup water or orange juice Orange or lemon zest 1 jalapeño or serrano chile (de seeded) 2 tablespoons lime  juice 1 teaspoon honey or agave nectar Salt and pepper to taste Chopped cilantro Empty a 12-ounce bag of fresh or frozen […]

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