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Using the Language Our Teens Speak

It’s been less than 10 years since iPhone changed our country, our culture, our world. Gone are the days of pay phones and Facebook via the desktop. As a member of the generation with my childhood riding in cars without movie entertainment and my adulthood running pace with technology, I have welcomed many of the changes brought to us […]

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Dear Momma Trying to Make Christmas Perfect

Please stop. I know your stress. It’s deep. It’s binding—the chaining of emotions to unattainable perfection. I used to be you. My young married years were spent attempting to be Martha Stewart. I’d spend endless hours crafting homemade gifts, baking delicious desserts, and decorating every nook and cranny of my home with properly themed colors. […]

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When Our Children Fight Us

Her ballet class had been cancelled, and there was no homework. We had an afternoon that wasn’t defined by a dizzying pace of here to there and back again. A first in weeks. But our home was filthy. Regardless of how many times I douse toilets in bleach, mildew creeps back. One of Ella’s best […]

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Busting the Busy Mom Myth

A few weekends ago chaos peaked. All four members of my household dove into the dirty clothes to pull out something they needed. My family walked around Saturday in stinky socks, pants, and shirts which cancels out the clean clothes they did wear. Sunday I ignored my three favorite people, skipped church, and graded papers all day […]

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Making the Difference for Just One

A few months ago I tucked my Ella-girl into bed, prayed over her, and kissed her goodnight. She always clicks off her own lamp, so I walked out, cracked the door, and from the hallway shadows, I watched her a moment. A parent privilege. She picked up a picture from the table beside her bed. […]

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Breast is Best. Right?

So here’s the thing. Breastfeeding? It was kinda horrific for me. Eleven years ago, my daughter was born three weeks early. Not premature, but tiny and without the sucking reflex. However, I knew the value of breast milk. I determined to make nursing work. I was blessed with a mom who was also a certified […]

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