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What is UP with your nipple?!?

I worked as a cashier in high school. I met my fabulous husband when we worked at Publix together. In fact, he still works for Publix 14 years later. I cannot begin to explain how convenient it is to text a grocery list at the end of his shift each day and have it magically […]

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The Three-Gift Christmas

It became apparent on Christmas morning last year that something needed to change. We were definitely overdoing it. The packages were beautiful, the tree was overflowing with gifts, and wrapping flew in all directions. Here’s the thing, though: my kids don’t want or need much. First, they’re really young (4 and 1 this Christmas). Second, […]

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photo courtesy Samaritan's Purse

Charitable Giving for the Holidays!

Despite my “pinvy” (pinterest envy) of everyone else’s designer holiday mantles and the total calendar upheaval of holiday season, we’re now entering my favorite time of year. As we gear up for Thanksgiving, it’s hard to believe we’re already looking at Christmas planning too. Today I want to share a holiday tradition that doesn’t require […]

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Girls Week 2031! Woot!

When I’m up to my neck in teething and diaper blowouts and toddler fury, I have a go-to fantasy. I imagine that I skip town with my girlfriends and we escape for a Girls Week of chit chat, margaritas, cute outfits, slow mornings, and warm (not sweaty) sunshine. We are free and life is leisurely. […]

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