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Do You BuJo?

I need a calendar. Like, NEED. I need dates and times and lists and I need them all written down so I can find them. For most of my life, I had some type of planner or bound calendar that I carried around with me. Then I heard about BuJo, or bullet journaling, and it […]

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Hosting the Weekly Mom Meetup

Hey! New Year, New You? Maybe not. But you can still add some things to your routine that will make you feel productive and exciting without really doing a whole lot. Things like… 1. Start walking with the kids after school. 2. Sign up for a cooking class. 3. Plan daring monthly dates with your […]

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Homeschooling: The Pros and The Cons

Are you disappointed in how your child is doing in school? Are you fed up with too much homework or not enough one-on-one time between student and teacher? Or maybe you just desire more freedom for your family? Have you ever thought about homeschooling? I’m going to share some things I love about schooling at […]

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Clean House, Good Mom?

Are We Good Moms if Our Home is Clean?

Over the years, I’ve signs posted in homes on social media and IRL. They say things like, “Please Excuse The Mess, We Live Here.” And before I was a mom, I really appreciated it! I thought, wow, what a good reminder. Because little kids are messy and we should embrace the mess by playing with […]

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When Baby Boy Transformed into Middle Child

For a while, we were so happy with our family dynamic. We had two boys, Eldest Boy and Baby Boy. To us, it was perfect. Nothing is better than brothers! Then one day, shortly before our Baby Boy turned three, we decided that we were wrong. We could see more babies in our future. And […]

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The Mom-Shame and Our Lack of Joy

I’m not sure if I was just clueless when I had my first baby or maybe it just wasn’t a thing yet, but in 2010, I didn’t feel the weight of the internet on my shoulders. In 2010, announcing a baby’s due date wasn’t followed by a string of questioning about personal family decisions. I […]

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