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Whole Family Sleepovers with Local Friends

Sleepovers can be a polarizing issue. Some are OK with them, others say never. Let me present a third option: The family sleepover. Before you give me that face, think for a minute about a road trip where you stay with friends and family that live far away. When you travel with your brood and stay […]

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The “ONE” thing we can control

Control what you can. It’s good advice in almost any situation, particularly the one we collectively find ourselves in. While others are debating #guncontrol, I’ve decided to advocate for #ONEcontrol. None of us can control it all. None of us alone can control weapons laws and safety regulations with immediate effect. So let me inspire […]

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Instant Pot Crash Course

So you got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Now what?! Other than the “water test”, where do you start, right? (And if you don’t know what the water test is, then you aren’t the instruction manual reading type and you desperately need this article. Just sayin’.) You’re going to love your Instant Pot the most […]

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Telling Your Kids the Truth About Santa

Telling Your Kids the Truth About Santa…while keeping the magic of Christmas Alive When it’s time, you just know. We had the Santa talk with our son last night. You know how they say “you just know” when it’s love? Well, it’s like that with Santa’s reveal, too. You just know when it’s time. My son […]

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I Need Our Friendship to Sparkle

I Need Our Friendship to Sparkle

I’ve always got a cause. In every season, I’m up to something, going through something, or fired up about something. It would be both foolish and selfish of me to ask my friends to care about what I care about all the time, in every situation. Because just like me, I know you have passions, […]

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