It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s a 19-month old!


Having used the Booginhead pacifier clips when the girls were younger, and liking them, I suspected that I would also like the Booginhead Bib and Cape Set and BooginHead WOW Melamine Cup Set. And I definitely did. However, it’s a good thing I have a three-and-a- half-year old as well as 19-month olds because the bib/cape was a bigger hit with the younger crowd, while the cups were a success with the older (toddler) generation.

The pink-themed superhero Booginhead Super Power WOW Bib and Cape Set has a plastic bib on the front, which is perfect for wiping off food, and then a detachable cloth superhero cape on the back. Though the 3-and-a-half-year old was intrigued enough to try on the bib and cape set because it is pink, she did quickly pass it off to her sister once she deemed it too small. The 19 month-old indicated that I should help her put it on – cape and all – and she did love it. It’s a very cute take on a traditional bib that is also convenient.

Side note: In learning more about the Booginhead product line, I had to know more about the company name. Turns out the line was started by a working mom who could not find products that sufficiently met her needs as a mom of young kids. Booginhead is a word that her family made up for “someone who does something they shouldn’t, but they do it regardless and it makes you laugh.” Not only do I appreciate these products even more now that I know they were developed by a mom who knew what the market was missing, but my twin that loved the cape is notorious for doing things to make us laugh, even when she knows what she’s doing is wrong.  She fits the description of a Booginhead perfectly!

Booginhead 2


The complementary BooginHead WOW Melamine Cup Set, 2-pack, was actually a better option for the 3-and-a-half-year old. The 19-month old twins are still working on their non-sippy cup drinking super powers, to be fair. Since my older daughter is more skilled at drinking out of regular cups, she really enjoyed using cups that are (again) pink and just her size. They are smaller than an “adult-sized” cup, which means they are perfect for her. They are very durable and didn’t break when they haphazardly landed (were thrown by a Booginhead) on the tile floor.

Both the Bib and Cape Set and the Cup Set also come in the traditionally boy-friendly colors of red and blue. They also sell matching utensils, plates, bowls and a splat mat. To be honest, I didn’t know BooginHead made products other than the pacigrips, but I did love those when my girls were little. They couldn’t remove the clip from their clothes, the loop for the pacifiers never fell apart and I had trouble choosing which design to get because I liked so many of the options.

Now that I know about the SuperPower collection, I will definitely give these items as gifts for baby showers or birthdays. If you’re interested in giving super powers to your own Booginheads, you can purchase items from the Super Power Collection at or at Babies R Us.

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