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I have a Christmas baby…. now what?

My little guy was due on January 7th and I thought, perfect! He will be here after the holiday craziness is over… But on Christmas Eve of 2004, I woke up at 3:30 AM feeling horrible. Sure enough, I was in labor and I could NOT believe it! At 8:21am on Christmas morning (after barely […]

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Our “Hodgepodge” Christmas Tree

We have what I fondly call a “hodgepodge” Christmas tree, decorated with all sorts of ornaments that we’ve collected over many years.  Each Christmas, I love unwrapping the tissue paper from every ornament and remembering its origin.  Some of our ornaments graced my family’s Christmas tree when I was growing up.  My husband and I both have ornaments that […]

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Email Christmas Cards – Is This a “Thing” Now?

This morning, while checking my email, the strangest thing happened. I got an email from my husband’s cousin’s family out in California. Getting an email from them is not strange – It’s what’s inside that made my mind wiggle. I opened up the email and, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a miniature […]

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Santa Gifts – To Wrap or Not?

“Different families, different rules,” is my simple explanation when it comes to why our family’s rules are not the same as other families.  A modified version of this saying applies to Christmas, “different families, different traditions.” To wrap or not to wrap Santa’s gifts falls squarely in the “different families, different traditions” category. Santa never wrapped my gifts, […]

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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out! Another Classic Holiday Show Comes to Life at the Rep

Almost everybody knows of the classic movie, A Christmas Story, which first aired in 1983 and was written by Jean Shepherd and directed by Bob Clark. If you’re not sure you know it by its title, you’ll most assuredly have heard its admonition, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” which has become a classic parental response […]

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Your 2014 Central Florida Holiday Guide!

2014 Holiday Events around Central Florida

There’s no shortage of holiday events in Central Florida! From city parades and tree lightings, to holiday movies under the stars, to Santa sightings all over town, and many other events, there’s something for everyone this holiday season. Did we miss an event in your neighborhood? Leave a note in the comments so we can […]

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