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Growing Heart Lollipops

Here’s a Valentine’s Day activity that takes about 3 days, from start to finish. It’s Growing Heart Lollipops! When I first saw this project here, I knew this was a winner, as my little guy would think this was totally cool & magical. What kid wouldn’t, right?!?! This is a great project that is easy on the […]

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Our Binder of Ideas for a Rainy (or Sunny) Day

I always seem to have stacks of articles torn from magazines, pages ripped from catalogs, and printed recipes that wind up stashed in a drawer or piled on my nightstand.  When my daughters were small, the stack grew larger as I added kids magazines to the mix – Parenting, Family Fun, Cookie, and Parents to name a few.  These magazines were great […]

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A Tooth Fairy Primer

If your children are somewhere between the fist-sucking drooling days of cutting their first teeth and the excitement of that first loose tooth, this post is for you.  The Tooth Fairy made her first appearance at our house six years ago, September 2009 to be precise. Although pre-Pinterest, I was determined to make the Tooth Fairy experience marginally magical. […]

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Halloween Tricks And Treats

Halloween is such a fun time of year. Dressing up, sharing goodies and playing little tricks are great holiday traditions. Here are a few of my favorite tricks and treats! Trick  Add plastic spiders to your ice cube trays before freezing. Place them in drinks and give your family and friends a fun surprise! With […]

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The Custom of Handwritten Thank-You Notes

I was probably eight-years old when I received my first box of personalized note cards. The cards were powder blue with “Elizabeth” printed in white, and I thought that they were quite elegant.  My mother instilled in me the importance of writing thank-you notes, and I’m sure she’s smiling in heaven as I pass that custom on to […]

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The Family Calendar - our favorite, the Stick-Up Weekly Calendar by Poketo!

The Family Calendar

It’s hard to find just the right calendar for tracking the activities of the entire family.  I went through several versions before hitting on a simple solution that works for us. Lots of articles have been written on this topic, and I’ve read many of them in the quest for the holy grail of calendars. When […]

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