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Homeschooling: The Pros and The Cons

Are you disappointed in how your child is doing in school? Are you fed up with too much homework or not enough one-on-one time between student and teacher? Or maybe you just desire more freedom for your family? Have you ever thought about homeschooling? I’m going to share some things I love about schooling at […]

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National Marshmallow Roasting Day 3 Where You Went Photo

OMB Celebrate’s National Marshmallow Roasting Day!

Share using #OMBRoastYourMallow! We LOVE national holidays over at Orlando Moms Blog! With the OMB End of Summer Beach Bash coming up, we couldn’t think of a better national holiday to celebrate this week than the annual August 30th, National Marshmallow Roasting Day! Toasting those ooey-gooey treats on a bonfire near the beach is a favorite past time for many! […]

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Back-to-School: Paper Goat Post Style

Disclaimer: You’ll notice that I’m about to brag on Paper Goat Post. All of the info about this fabulous stationary shop are my own. I wasn’t paid to brag on them! When you hear the words, “back-to-school,” they can be quite daunting. I personally do not have any ‘school-aged’ children yet but as a former […]

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