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Me and My Vitamin Generation

I  think my children have been on vitamins their whole life. From the minute they started in my womb I took my daily prenatal vitamin. As infants they had their breast milk and formula and sometimes liquid vitamin boosters. As toddlers they started taking a multivitamin. Now my almost-3-year old daughter takes her single multivitamin and […]

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  Lately, our lives have centered around FASHION. We have had to consider 5th grade graduation party dresses and shoes for the theme of “Hollywood Glam;” 5th grade graduation ceremony dresses and shoes; 8th grade social dresses and shoes; National Junior Honor Society dresses and shoes; Orange County’s Top Talent finale gown and shoes; and […]

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The Un-Valentine’s Day: What does a girl do when she’s got no boo?

When it seems like EVERYONE else you know is enjoying romantic getaways, chocolate-filled hearts, delivered long-stemmed roses, and sentimental cards—what is Valentine’s Day to a single mom who doesn’t have a partner and who does have two little girls who don’t have a dad? Let’s face it: Most of us fall into one camp or […]

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How I Became a Grandmother

“Promise me you won’t get mad,” my daughter said in a phone call from college three years ago. It was the end of a long, hard day at work and I was tired. “I can’t make that promise,” I snapped in reply. This is the story of Toby, my energetic, dopey and loveable … grand-puppy. […]

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