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Out and About – Lake Meadow Naturals

It was a Saturday morning about 6 months ago and we found ourselves asking, “What to do?  What to do?”  We are constantly looking for weekend outings that are 1. local and inexpensive and 2. educational and fun.  Suddenly, on that particular Saturday, I remembered hearing about a quaint little farm where you could pick your own […]

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Me and My Vitamin Generation

I  think my children have been on vitamins their whole life. From the minute they started in my womb I took my daily prenatal vitamin. As infants they had their breast milk and formula and sometimes liquid vitamin boosters. As toddlers they started taking a multivitamin. Now my almost-3-year old daughter takes her single multivitamin and […]

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  Lately, our lives have centered around FASHION. We have had to consider 5th grade graduation party dresses and shoes for the theme of “Hollywood Glam;” 5th grade graduation ceremony dresses and shoes; 8th grade social dresses and shoes; National Junior Honor Society dresses and shoes; Orange County’s Top Talent finale gown and shoes; and […]

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The Un-Valentine’s Day: What does a girl do when she’s got no boo?

When it seems like EVERYONE else you know is enjoying romantic getaways, chocolate-filled hearts, delivered long-stemmed roses, and sentimental cards—what is Valentine’s Day to a single mom who doesn’t have a partner and who does have two little girls who don’t have a dad? Let’s face it: Most of us fall into one camp or […]

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How I Became a Grandmother

“Promise me you won’t get mad,” my daughter said in a phone call from college three years ago. It was the end of a long, hard day at work and I was tired. “I can’t make that promise,” I snapped in reply. This is the story of Toby, my energetic, dopey and loveable … grand-puppy. […]

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