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The tote full of hidden memories

We have a lot of Rubbermaid totes in the house. Okay fine, by we I mean me. “We” have totes in the garage, in the attic, in the guest bedroom and in our daughter’s closet. Each tote holds specific items. The ones in the attic have all sorts of holiday decorations. The totes in the […]

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Tubal Ligation Tubes Tied

Destination Date: Tubal Ligation (Plus Everything You Need to Know)

  Last September, with a pounding heart, I smuggled a mason jar filled with a urine sample into my purse. My husband had just woken up, his eyes swollen from too little sleep and red, from yet another long night at one of our start-up businesses. I rambled on about needing eggs and dashed out […]

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When they say marriage is hard work

When They Say Marriage is Hard Work

My husband and I have known each other for most of our lives: through the weirdness of elementary school, the awkwardness of middle school, and the horrible decisions of high school (seriously…what were we thinking?). We started dating in college and made it official seven years later. And those seven years? They were bliss. Seriously. Everyone […]

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Conflict in Marriage

The question “why do couples fight?” is comparable in measure to “why is the sky blue?” Therapists get asked this question on a daily basis and the fact is, there is no one size fits all answer, besides “because they do!” Couples can fight for numerous reasons from poor communication skills, lack of trust, differing […]

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