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A Tooth Fairy Primer

If your children are somewhere between the fist-sucking drooling days of cutting their first teeth and the excitement of that first loose tooth, this post is for you.  The Tooth Fairy made her first appearance at our house six years ago, September 2009 to be precise. Although pre-Pinterest, I was determined to make the Tooth Fairy experience marginally magical. […]

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  Lately, our lives have centered around FASHION. We have had to consider 5th grade graduation party dresses and shoes for the theme of “Hollywood Glam;” 5th grade graduation ceremony dresses and shoes; 8th grade social dresses and shoes; National Junior Honor Society dresses and shoes; Orange County’s Top Talent finale gown and shoes; and […]

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Introducing… Amy!

When we sent out a request for additional Orlando Moms Blog contributors, there were a variety of applications. Needless to say, Amy’s stood out. This is Amy’s (condensed) application. I immediately fell in love with her, and I have a pretty good feeling you will too! ____________________________________________________________________________________ I’m a single mom with two girls, three […]

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Mohawk in progress

Barbershop of Horrors

My 8-year-old son recently needed a haircut and decided he wanted to go to a barbershop. Not a hair salon. A men’s barbershop. While waiting for his turn, he realized he needed to go to the bathroom. Finding it without toilet paper, he politely asks for some before going in. Oh, great. Now we all […]

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Girls Week 2031! Woot!

When I’m up to my neck in teething and diaper blowouts and toddler fury, I have a go-to fantasy. I imagine that I skip town with my girlfriends and we escape for a Girls Week of chit chat, margaritas, cute outfits, slow mornings, and warm (not sweaty) sunshine. We are free and life is leisurely. […]

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