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When Labor Doesn’t Go as Planned: Six Ways to Prepare your Mind for the Unexpected

When Labor Doesn’t Go as Planned: Six Ways to Prepare your Mind for the Unexpected

As a practicing Ob/Gyn physician, Contributor Megan has her fair share of labor stories. Here’s one story when labor doesn’t go as planned. The story begins as Molly, a first time momma in her mid thirties, is admitted to labor and delivery in early labor with a full term baby. Her family and friends excitedly await […]

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A Primer for Visiting Universal Orlando with Little Ones

Living in Orlando we are spoiled when it comes to looking for a weekend activity or staycation. Our backyard is filled with costumed characters, spectacular dining experiences, the beach, Broadway level shows, and rides for every taste level. Since moving to Orlando my family of five has taken full advantage.  This year we decided to […]

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Hosting the Weekly Mom Meetup

Hey! New Year, New You? Maybe not. But you can still add some things to your routine that will make you feel productive and exciting without really doing a whole lot. Things like… 1. Start walking with the kids after school. 2. Sign up for a cooking class. 3. Plan daring monthly dates with your […]

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Instant Pot Crash Course

So you got an Instant Pot for Christmas. Now what?! Other than the “water test”, where do you start, right? (And if you don’t know what the water test is, then you aren’t the instruction manual reading type and you desperately need this article. Just sayin’.) You’re going to love your Instant Pot the most […]

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Mom Burnout – It’s Real

Maybe I am feeling this burnout more right now because of the time of year, or maybe I just haven’t given myself the space to revive recently, but I am in major burnout mode. I work from home and have two boys. On the majority of days I work (including work with the kiddos and […]

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A Jeweled Tree

The loss of my grandmother almost five years ago hit me hard.  Her home was the center of many family celebrations, milestones and Sunday brunches. She was a strong-willed woman, independent, very giving and the person who held the family together. Her loss has been felt tremendously these past few years, especially during the holidays. […]

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Telling Your Kids the Truth About Santa

Telling Your Kids the Truth About Santa…while keeping the magic of Christmas Alive When it’s time, you just know. We had the Santa talk with our son last night. You know how they say “you just know” when it’s love? Well, it’s like that with Santa’s reveal, too. You just know when it’s time. My son […]

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