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My Quiet Toddler: Supporting Your Child’s Language Development

As parents, we obsess about whether or not our child is meeting milestones. I’m a first time mom and my son just turned 19 months old, which means we’re almost at that “2 year mark”. I’m also a constant worrier and right now what’s heavy on my mind is my little boy’s language development. Every […]

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Camp SAHM : My Plan for Summer

I used to spend the month of May dreading the upcoming summer “holidays”. I treated summer as if I was going into battle…entering survival mode, but this year I am making a plan for Camp SAHM and am hoping to enjoy myself more! Mama Didn’t Raise No Fool I’m not foolish in thinking that this summer […]

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Steve Songs Concert at the Orlando Public Library {Re-cap}

Thank you so much to all of the families who attended the amazing PBS Kids Steve Songs Concert with us at the Orlando Public Library! We hope you had super fun time singing and dancing along with Steve Songs and the team at the Orlando Public Library! Upon arriving, attendees lined up for a photo in […]

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Guide to the Orange Co Library

The All-Kid Guide to the Orange County Library

Is it still nerdy to love the library if you have one as cool as the Orange County Library? I have always loved visiting libraries, and I have lots of memories wasting away long summer days in some corner with a stack of books next to me. Now I take my toddler and, yes, we check out books, […]

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Is your preschooler ready for kindergarten?

We went straight to the source to find out what is on a teacher’s checklist to determine if your preschooler is ready for kindergarten. We asked preschool and kindergarten teachers what parents can do to prepare our children for kindergarten. Here is what they told us. Let your child cut with scissors. Encourage her to […]

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Keepsake Stocking Stuffer – Bright Eyed Baby

The holidays are officially here (at least in our household); we don’t necessarily skip right to Christmas but I am a firm believer that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years go hand-in-hand. Holiday music is playing, gift shopping has slowly begun, and with that comes stocking stuffer ideas. I have had the honor of reviewing some […]

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It Never, Ever Snows in Florida

It’s no secret that we have a celebrity crush on WESH-2 Meteorologist Amy Sweezey! So when we discovered that this super mom authored her first children’s picture book about weather in Florida, we immediately wanted to know more! Orlando Moms Blog – So what’s this book all about? Amy Sweezey – Well, “It Never, Ever […]

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Sink your JAWS into Shark Week with the Kids!

I’m one of those people. One of the ones who loves Shark Week. It’s a fantastic week when I can tune the television to one single channel and just leave it there. All. Week. Long. Shark Week can be a little bit scary but it can also be a super informative and provide a whole […]

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Books – Digital, Printed, or Both?

  Last night I ordered three books that I plan to read on our beach vacation.  I asked several friends for book recommendations, added about ten books to my Amazon cart, then whittled my choices down to three.  I am giddy at the idea of pleasure reading at the beach — something I couldn’t do when my children […]

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