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My best friend of 30+ years and I at the New Order concert in July! Can you tell I was excited?!

ME is not a four-letter word!

On Sunday, July 28, 2013 I hopped on a plane to Washington, DC. Not because I was traveling for work or participating in a political rally, I flew those 850+ miles to attend a concert with my girlfriend. And, I left behind my husband and eight-month-old daughter. I can hear your gasps already. Go ahead, […]

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Mohawk in progress

Barbershop of Horrors

My 8-year-old son recently needed a haircut and decided he wanted to go to a barbershop. Not a hair salon. A men’s barbershop. While waiting for his turn, he realized he needed to go to the bathroom. Finding it without toilet paper, he politely asks for some before going in. Oh, great. Now we all […]

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Girls Week 2031! Woot!

When I’m up to my neck in teething and diaper blowouts and toddler fury, I have a go-to fantasy. I imagine that I skip town with my girlfriends and we escape for a Girls Week of chit chat, margaritas, cute outfits, slow mornings, and warm (not sweaty) sunshine. We are free and life is leisurely. […]

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Mom on the Brink!

I came across an article last week titled “On the Brink: Many Working Moms Falling Apart.”  I froze and said “OMG! That’s me!”  I read the whole article — something I don’t usually have time for and forwarded it to every working mom I know.  One of my mommy friends and I emailed back forth […]

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