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Gimme a Break!

So many times I have heard this remark from friends and family: “Give yourself a break. You deserve it!” But how does a deep-thinking, over-booked, over-worked, exhausted, perfectionist single mother work up the courage and give herself the time to just give herself a break? When is there a moment that is neither filled with […]

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The Most Important Thing In Your Child’s Education

With my oldest soon to enter high school and my youngest learning to use the potty, I’ve been contemplating more and more about going back to work. This would be a huge change in my homeschooled family’s life. My kids aren’t used to a regular school day. It’s true there’s some days we “do school” […]

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Sharing Memories Of My Parents With My Children

It’s not unusual for my daughters to talk about my parents, commenting on their likes, their dislikes, and describing what they would say about a particular topic.  It’s very important to me that my parents are part of their “village.” The unusual part? My daughters have absolutely no first hand memories of my parents. My dad died […]

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The Complicated Bond of Sisters

As a mother of two daughters, my parenting goals are to raise self-sufficient women who display integrity and compassion, who live happy and fulfilling lives, and who share and value a strong family bond.  Sometimes I lose sight of those goals when I am waist deep in the trenches of day-to-day life.  As I sit typing this, my goal today is to steer my […]

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