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Growing Up Via Spring Break

So we had what one might describe as our most interesting spring break this year. My thirteen-year-old EIGHTH GRADER went on a week-long trip to New York City with only her schoolmates and some teacher and administrator chaperones. No parents allowed. Meanwhile, the eleven-year-old FIFTH GRADER had to stay home part of the week with […]

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Using Craigslist to Save Time and Money

Using Craig’s List to Save Time and Money

Often, busy moms can’t find the time for shopping — you know the real kind of shopping where you visit several stores, compare prices, see, touch, feel, and otherwise consider options. We are also more careful these days about how and where we spend our family’s precious cash. One way to avoid paying too much […]

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{Giveaway} No App For That: An event for parents connecting kids to nature

Take a guess. About how many hours of “screen-time” do you think kids average per day? Screen-time including time in front of the television, computer, iPad, Xbox or cell phone. What would you say? Two? Three? Five hours? The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that children spend an average of seven – YES, SEVEN – […]

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