Give: A 2016 Resolution

{{Our team was inspired by one of our fellow contributor’s posts, “No More New Year’s Resolutions – Just Choose One Word”, so we decided to share our selected words and the reasoning behind them in a series called “My Word Is…”. Follow along as we share our stories, and then update on where our words have taken us at the end of the year.}}


You sit there in your pew, next to your family, praying that this year’s financial struggles become less of a struggle and more of a gain; then the collection bin rolls past you. You give. You give that last $25 you can spare until your next paycheck. Why give your last $25?

I read an article the other day that stated you should give 10% of your income back to your community/parish/charities. If you make $6,000 a month – you *should* give back about $600. $600 to your community instead of $600 to frivolous things.

Giving, doesn’t just mean money – it means love, giving love. For 2016, I am making the resolution to give more to my family, to give more to my friends, to give more to me. When my son is playing with his legos, instead of sitting at my computer working on the never-ending work commitments I want to sit next to him and build a tower. When my husband gets home from a long shift, rather than hurrying him to get through the door and take over our son’s bath time, I want to welcome him home and finish bath time together. When an old friend is coming into town and invi183177647tes me out for a quick drink, I want to be able to pause my long to-do list and unwind with her. When my husband is begging me to listen to his suggestion of going to go get a pedicure or a shopping trip to Target by myself, I want to do it; I will do it. (I mean who wouldn’t want to? Easier said than done for this busy woman.)

I will give as much as I can to the offering basket in church. I will play legos with my son, I will finish bath time together, I will see friends, I will make “me” time, I will slow down and give. I will love.

With a new year, comes new resolutions and new ways to give. What is your 2016 resolution word?


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  1. HFUW January 28, 2016 at 9:31 am #

    Great choice for 2016!

    • Katie Williams
      Katie Williams January 28, 2016 at 10:03 am #

      Thank you!

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