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When the weather starts cooling and the humidity begins to drop Floridians come out of summer hibernating.  It also means the perfect time to go Florida camping. I love being in the great outdoors and one with nature, but this Girl Scouts likes something a little more comfortable when it comes to sleeping accommodations.  Tent camping is not always my first choice, but then came the world of “GLAMPING”.glamping up your camping cover trans frameThe concept of Glamping, and its comforts, makes it a little more palatable for those who don’t like “roughing it”, have never been camping, or just would like it be a little more comfortable (that’s me!).  jackson hole

There are hundreds of locations around the world now offering a posh four-star hotel-like canvas platform tents or yurts with comfortable beds, fabulous decor, and even room service. Unfortunately, it comes with a price.  But you can glamp it up yourself.

Glamping Up Your Camping

Get creative with your traditional camping equipment.  Bring it up to a level of refinery camping with just a few tweaks.  The best time to be searching for the glamping items, is during the merchandise season change.  This is when IKEA, Home Goods, Target, and Walmart reduce prices on merchandise to make room for the next season – the best is end of summer and off to college.  Also consider watching for items on Craigslist or hunting at garage sales and flea markets.

total glamping in stye

{SOURCE} Tammie Dooley from Solo Road Trip gives great advice of what you will need to getting your campsite “glamped” up.

Basics To Making it Happen

1. Tent – You should have a tent large enough to accommodate the members of your family and the beds.  It is a must be able to stand up inside.

2.  The Bed – It is a #1 glamping essential – it is all about the comfort.  Select an AIR MATTRESS that sits high like a regular bed.  You can also add a memory foam pad for extra comfort. (Note: Don’t forget the battery powered in-flatter.)

3. The Bed Linens – Sleeping bags are awesome when your a kid.  As an adult, it can feel like a sandwich wrap.  Choose comfortable sheets and blankets that are suited for the season you will be camping.(Determine if the weather is is going to be hot or cold in the evenings.)

glaming it upTo save money, consider using your sheets from home.  Glamp it up with a decorative blanket/comforter.  (Note: to save packing space use the Space Save Bags to reduce the bulk)  Decorative pillows add that glam feeling and they have multiple purposes.

glamping flooring

{SOURCE} Add throw rugs around the bed and the entry way.

 4. Flooring – Getting into or out of a bed with a dirty floor is gross, in my opinion.  Remember, the objective of glamping is to make it feel more comfortable.  So consider throw rugs, bathroom mats, or even flooring cut to the tents dimensions.

table settings 450

{SOURCE} Table and chair ideas

5. Furniture – It is important that the pieces are light weight, fold-able, and play double duty, if possible.

Ikea table options

Remember to keep it fold-able.

Seating is essential to camping, but who says it can’t be practical and sytlish.  Consider director’s chairs or folding chairs.

side table collageSmall folding tables can be night stands to put your glasses, a flashlight/lamp, or radio.  It can also be a serving area or used in cafe seating.  Also baskets and crates, with a lid, can be used for storage and a table.

light collage

Get creative when lighting the campsite. Resources located on the Pinterest board.

6. Lighting – ALWAYS check with your camp ground regarding their fire rules.   For non-electrical camp-sites decorate with LED battery lighting, battery flicker candles, or flame candles.   If the site has electrical hook-up, holiday lights, cafe lights, and lanterns always add the right glow and magical touch.

pop camper make over

The Pop Up Princess has great ideas for updating your pop-up camper.

For those with a Pop-Up camper, the Pop Up Princess has some incredible makeover ideas.  She takes you through affordable transformation and inspires you to give it a try.

Tent camping just got a little more comfortable and a lot more fun, for a creative soul like me.  My husband and two sons (Boy Scout), are totally about the basics and roughing it.  But when they take us girls along, we are glamping it up.

Some great camping sites within an hour of Central Florida – Rock Spring/Kelly Park in Apopka, Manatee Hammock near Titusville, Tomoka River State Park near Daytona Beach, Lithia Springs Regional Park in Hillsborough, and Moss Park near Orlando.



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