Green, Spring Earth Day Craft



“Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” At least that’s how the nursery rhyme goes. With the pollen finally fallen and the birds nesting in the bough. There’s no time for resting, as far as the clear skies allow. It’s spring. And, there’s new life in everything. A time to sow, so fall, we’ll reap. To garden, to sweep, to plant, to prune. Enjoying the cooler air ‘til June.

Here’s a “green” Earth Day craft for little ones to try. It repurposes household items and is biodegradable, that’s why!

Earth Day Bird Feeder



Toilet paper rolls (as many as desired)

Peanut butter

Butter knives

Twine (optional)

Bird Seed


  1. Remove all toilet paper from rolls.


2. Using butter knife, spread peanut butter all over the outside of toilet roll (this could get messy!)


3. Pour bird seed onto a plate and roll the peanut butter over the plate until completely covered.



4. Tie a piece a piece of twine to hang the bird feeder or slip directly onto a branch.



5. Watch the birds enjoy a tasty treat and try to identify different species with your little one.


This year, Earth Day is on April 22. Remember to plant a tree, reduce, reuse and recycle!


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