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Recently, isabellegrace sent OMB a pretty silver bracelet. As you can see from the photos, my thirteen year old daughter immediately wanted to wear it. And that was OK with me because it was too small for my wrist without having to bend it quite a bit to get it on (disclaimer: I am a large woman, so it probably would fit a smaller-framed woman just fine). Once on, it was fine, but I worried about bending the thin metal time and time again to wear it myself.

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The bracelet is supposed to be sterling silver, but it is not stamped .925, which, according to my research, is the mark of true silver jewelry. Additionally, the product packaging doesn’t seem to match the product itself—it says on the box that it’s “Victoria Necklace Silver Jet,” but it is a bracelet, not a necklace.

In any case, the bracelet is pretty, a plain silver band with one medium crystal at either end; this particular one has purplish-gray stones, but the bracelet comes in many colors both gold and silver as well as stones of different hues. The product description on the isabellegrace website says that the bracelet features 8mm Swarovski chaton crystals.

This bracelet is pretty dainty by itself; it is pictured by isabellegrace with six or seven other bracelets of the same type, which gives the look more of a bangle feel and style and enhances the shimmer of the pieces. At $62 retail, I’m not sure I’d pay that much for one; possibly for a set of three so I’d have the option of wearing one or several, depending on the outfit paired with it. At the time of this writing, the website says the bracelet is discounted by $33 for a pricetag of $29, which seems more realistic.

Overall, Siggy loves the bracelet and has been wearing it consistently for several weeks now. So far it does not appear to be tarnishing and looks pretty much the same. It’s very nice for a 13-year-old.

If you’re interested in isabellegrace jewelry, find them at isabellegracejewelry and this bracelet in particular at swarovskycrystalbracelet.



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