Keeping the New Year’s Vibe All Year Long

New Year’s Vibe: How to Keep it Going All Year


January carries a special vibe starting just after Christmas. Chock-full of promise and energy, you get the feeling of having a clean slate to start everything anew. Friends all over social media post their “word of the year“, pictures of shiny new planners, the amazing closet they just reorganized or the bags of clutter out by the curb.


Somewhere near mid-February, the diet has derailed, you can barely close the closet again and the planner is M.I.A.

So how can we make it to March, April and the rest of the year?!

New Year Vibe

I make plans every year but last year, I made a change. I started a new habit of keeping a family calendar posted in the kitchen. I purchased an 18-month calendar that coincides with the school year. I started filling it with appointments and important dates. My planner is still alive and kicking! I’ll share my tips for keeping the New Year’s vibe going all year long!

Put It On The Calendar

What’s the difference between January 1st and December 31st?  It’s a scheduled holiday. Just about every calendar prints, “New Years Day”, on the first square of the year. Plan for revamping your goals. Pick a date and write it in. January’s “word of the year”, may be null and void by June. Remember to think of your resolutions, budgets, goals, and plans as working documents. No need to keep them as they were day one if they’re not working for you. If you know you run out of steam by March, schedule your overhaul by the end of February. Make sure it works for your personality. While you may only need this once or twice a year, someone else may need a quarterly or monthly plan. 

Don’t Forget The Fun

Let’s not forget why planning and organizing seem like fun in January. First, you probably purchased new organizing bins, a planner or new workout clothes. Shiny and new equals fun-to-play-with. You’ve chatted with friends and family about plans for the year. Don’t forget the social aspect. Bloggers and influencers ask about your plans while chatting about theirs. Doesn’t it feel like everyone making plans and resolutions? Those posts are all but gone around March, the fun has faded. Take action yourself and plan the social side! Whether it’s virtual or in person, plan a goal-setting social event. Invite people to check-in and share what’s worked, what’s changing and what they plan to add. Host a dream board together where everyone plans out their goals together. And don’t forget the champagne. After all, bubbles make planning feel more like fun than work. 

Don’t Get Stuck

No one besides you knows the details of your plans and resolutions so keep pushing forward, even if you miss a goal or resolution. Ultimately, starting over that diet in March and shouting it from the rooftop can be fantastic. Think of it as a reset, not a failure. Maybe telling others will provide all the inspiration someone needs to start.   

Good luck in your goal setting. Do you have a family calendar? How do you keep your goals in check?

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