Best Family Friendly Holiday Community Service Projects

Over the past year, my husband and I have realized that we may be missing the mark a bit with our parenting. Even though both of our kids are still young, the “give me’s” have been getting more and more intense. Can you relate? Every store we walk into they ask for new things. When […]

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See PADDINGTON 2 Pre-Screening!

  Everyone’s favorite bear is back for seconds, and we have your chance to attend a special early screening, this Saturday, December 9 @ AMC Disney (11:00am)! TICKETS ARE LIMITED! Download admit-four passes for your screening passes here: #Paddington2 is in theaters January 12. Enjoy!    

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Can students learn and succeed in a virtual environment?

​FLVS Offers Innovative Learning Options and Resources It’s a common question: can students learn and succeed in a virtual environment? We have some excellent education options in Central Florida, allowing families to choose the path that feels right for them. All students crave connection and understanding and desire situations that make them feel positive about themselves. […]

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Is One Enough?

I have been asking myself this question since my sweet baby boy became a rambunctious toddler. It is literally a daily conversation/argument in my head. Is my boy to remain an only child? Is one enough? I like to think that I am a completely rational woman who makes logical decisions after appropriate contemplation and […]

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Race Day Essentials!

Do you have Running Fever? It’s racing season here in Florida, and no matter if you are running a charity 5K or you’ve challenged yourself to a half or full marathon, here are a few race day essentials you’ll need before you hit the pavement. First, let me pause for a moment to say that I’m […]

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3 Ways to Build Confidence in Children

Show of hands. Who grew up timid, anxious, and shy…. always choosing to sit in the back of the classroom, and never raised your hand because you lacked self-confidence (basically did not believe in yourself)??? That. was. me.  I’m  a mom now, and although my confidence has increased, I know the struggle is difficult for many people to […]

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The Screen Time Rules

The Screen Time Rules

Screen time – it is the thorn in every parent’s side. We lean on it as a babysitter even when we don’t want to because sometimes the chores just have to get done, or mom needs a break. Research reported by Forbes says that screen time can be good within certain perimeters like when playing […]

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Engage All the Senses with these 5 Easy Holiday Activities for Toddlers 

If you’re wary of your toddler touching the Christmas ornaments or other family heirloom decorations, here are 5 activities that are fun, engage all the senses and are easy for parents to set up amidst the holiday bustle. Turn up the holiday music and let the fun begin! 1. Create holiday-themed sensory bins Fill plastic […]

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