Sip and Shop at Once Upon a Child {recap}

Do you know what it is like to head out holiday shopping only to be greeted with a perfectly poured mimosa, delicious donuts, and 40% off deals? If you came to our recent Sip and Shop event you do!

Attendees to our exclusive Sip and Shop event at Once Upon a Child at the Florida Mall were treated to an array of treats from Donuts to Go in Sanford, a mimosa bar, and fresh made coffee…topped with Irish Cream! 

Once Upon a Child

We cannot speak highly enough about our beautiful hosts at Once Upon a Child! Not only were they decked out in the most fabulous red and green dresses for the occasion, but they had a store packed to the brim with goodies for us to shop from. 

Sip and Shop at Once Upon a Child {recap}

There were massive bins of 10 for $10 onesies, shoes of all sizes, an entire wall of books ranging from board books to chapter, bikes, strollers, sports team gear, tiny tutus, jewelry for mom, and no less than five rows of clothing packed and double hung.

We even had one attendee score a twins My Breast Friend! It was already on sale, but Jen and her team gave her an EXTRA 40% off just for coming to the party. 

Our Vendors

Avon with Melissa Roach 

Sip and Shop at Once Upon a Child {recap}Melissa had a table of skincare, makeup, scents, and jewelry…and was passing out fabulous goodie bags filled with samples and candies! If you missed out on shopping with Melissa be sure and check out her Facebook group where she is featuring some great products and deals.

Origami Owl with Jennifer McKinney

Sip and Shop at Once Upon a Child {recap}Have you heard of Origami Owl? They are modern, clear lockets that you can fill with personalized charms from birthstones to quotes to Minions…yes, those Minions! Be sure and join Jennifer’s Facebook group The Jazzy Owl VIP Group to hear about all of her sales before anyone else.

Beautycounter with Erin Eley 

Sip and Shop at Once Upon a Child {recap}Beautycounter is changing the face of beauty products in America by banning over 1,500 different chemicals from their products to bring their clients a safer product. At Sip and Shop Erin was passing out samples of their charcoal beauty bar and even had a BONUS giveaway at her table. Shop her website and see what Beautycounter has to offer you.

Paparazzi Jewelry with Daisy Miller

Sip and Shop at Once Upon a Child {recap}Our fourth vendor was Daisy Miller who had so many beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from we didn’t know where to start! With children’s pieces only $1 and everything else only $5 you can pick up a little bit of everything and try out new styles. If you missed out on shopping with Daisy be sure and shop her website in time to fill those stockings this year with sparkles.

Happy Shopping!! 

We hope that you will send some love to our vendors by joining their Facebook groups and shopping their stores.

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  1. Morgan
    Morgan December 16, 2017 at 7:29 am #

    I had so much fun! The mimosas were delicious and it was great to get out of the house and enjoy some social shopping with other moms. And with everything so cheap, I was able to snatch up a TON of holiday onesies and pants for my little guy’s trip to Connecticut to visit his grandparents. Everyone loved his festive outfits, and I got all of them for about $0.80 each (yes, really!)

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