The Slightly-Crunchy Mom’s Cold Season Survival Guide

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The Slightly-Crunchy Mom's Cold Season Survival Guide | Orlando Moms Blog

I can always tell my toddler is getting a cold when she gets extra cranky and then extra snuggly. She spends lots of time with other kids, from play dates to the playground, so she is going to get sick sometimes. Spreading germs is just what kids do best—but boy can having a sick kid uproot your whole life for a few weeks! Schedules are thrown out, sleep is forgotten, and just getting some food or water into them is a daily struggle. However, I don’t love the idea of pouring heavy-duty medicine into my little one’s body day and night… so what is a slightly-crunchy mom to do?

Ever since my now two-year-old was a drool-covered, teething infant I have turned to Hyland’s products. They are dedicated to low-dose, homeopathic remedies and (most importantly) they work. So I am thrilled to team up with Hyland’s 4 Kids to give you some tips on preventing and treating your kiddo’s cold this year.


1. Keep them hydrated

I know water isn’t most kids’ favorite thing, but it is so important that they stay hydrated well before they get sick. Water down their juice, make low-salt soups a fall and winter dinner staple, and offer water whenever possible.

2. Eat those leafy greens

Diet can play a crucial role in kids’ immune systems, so throw some spinach, kale, or other dark greens into their regular foods (pastas, baked goods, and smoothies are all great places to hide them!). Avoid letting them eat too much sugar as well.

3. It is as simple as washing those little hands

Reinforce good hygiene habits and make sure they are washing their hands often and thoroughly. They pick up all kinds of stuff throughout the day (I caught my toddler trying to scrape gum off a bench the other day…), so making sure their hands are as clean as possible will do a lot to prevent picking up germs.

Relief from Cold Symptoms

1. All-natural popsicles

Something ice cold can feel great on their little scratchy throats and can help keep them hydrated, so offer popsicles made with real juice (you can freeze watered-down juice or buy them, just check the label for added sugar).

2. Broth-based soup

Grandma insisted on giving you noodle soup for a reason. Broth is soothing, comforting, hydrating, and packed with nutrients. Whether you use vegetable or the classic chicken, it will help fill their tummies without actually eating anything (which is usually hard with a stuffy nose).

3. Humidifier

Buy a humidifier or fill the bathroom with steam from a hot shower to gently break up that frustrating congestion.

4. Coconut Oil

Keeping a small container of coconut oil on hand to heal raw noses or massage achy muscles will help make them feel a little better. Be careful not to contaminate your whole stash and separate some just for the little sickies.

Hyland's Cough'n Cold | Orlando Moms Blog

This value pack is amazingly convenient and is available at Costco!

5. Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold’n Cough Day and Night

This pack comes with two formulas to help your little trooper battle congestion, runny nose, sore throat, sneezing, and cough, as well as sleeplessness in the nighttime version. Recommended for ages two through twelve, this is a must have for surviving cold season with kids.

Tending to sneezy, mucus-filled, cranky little kids might not be your favorite part of parenting, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare either. Hyland’s offers lots of great products that promise relief without sacrificing health, from formulas dedicated to sniffles and sneezes, cold and mucus, and even the dreaded flu. Stock up now at Costco (and perhaps you can join us at our Costco Mom Hour!) so you will be ready to face what this cold season brings you!

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