Special Needs Easter Egg Hunt!

As a kid, I remember one particular Easter egg hunt. Even at six years old, I was so competitive. I ran past all the little eggs scattered across the church property underneath all the pine trees, I only wanted the big golden eggs. Those were the best and there were only a few, so I had to have one. At the end of the hunt, I had nothing but hot tears running down my face. It’s the only Easter egg hunt I remember, maybe it was the only one my parents decided to do because of how I approached it. I’ll never forget how I felt…I was sad, disappointed and empty handed.

Fast forward thirty years and I’ve got a little one of my own now. She’s not competitive in any way, she just wants to hug you and hold your hand. I never thought an Easter egg hunt would be something we could participate in; although our daughter is walking, she’s got some mobility issues and the thought of a kid like my six year old self made me kinda nervous — I’ve been known to pull a George Costanza a time or two, even as an adult.


So, when I heard about Celebration Orlando Church, partnering with Nathaniel’s Hope to do a special needs Easter egg hunt…I was so excited! They did it in 2015 and had over 400 people attend! To say there’s a need for inclusion on Easter amongst special needs families would be an understatement.

This year the Easter egg hunt will be on Saturday, March 19th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Wadeview Park, located at 2177 S Summerlin Ave in Orlando. It is FREE and there will be food, bounce houses, a petting zoo and much more.

This is one amazing event going on this weekend and I encourage you to go. Even if you aren’t a special needs family, let’s love on them this Easter season, because that’s what makes Orlando the City Beautiful!

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