5 Summer Staples Perfect for Orlando Moms


Summer, summer, summertime.  You are fun and easy and filled with long slow days. However, you are also hot and sticky and humid. I find it difficult to look put together while casually wiping sweat off my face. Now that I have a toddler, I am running around in this infamous Central Florida heat even more, often at a playground, and I am always looking for clothes that will give me an easygoing-yet-polished look—fitting for a last-minute swing by the grandparents’ house to drop off the tot and head off to date night. Here are my picks for summer staples that will help you finally beat the heat.

Jogger shorts

Sister to the jogger pant, these versatile little beauties are amazing for pretty much any Central Florida setting. Wear them to the beach, wear them to the market, wear them to lunch. You can dress them up with heeled sandals and still feel like you are in pajamas (isn’t that the goal?). You can find them in lots of fabrics, colors, and styles, and they are as comfy as they are cute. These acid wash throwbacks pictured are from Target.

Sheer Kimonos

I have been a lover of these kimonos for a while now, but they really get their use when it gets hot out. Find the right one, and it will feel  airy and weightless. They are the perfect addition over a simple dress that just needs a little something—but a little something you don’t want to sweat in. I am guilty of leaning hard on neutrals in my wardrobe too, so these add a nice pop of color and pattern for summertime.


OK, I am a little biased here because my huaraches are my all-time favorite sandals (sorry, Kinos). Once I figured out that my beloved flip flops made my whole outfit look a little sloppy (again, so sorry Kinos), I have turned to other sandal options and never looked back. Any sandal with an interesting design will do the trick, but I love this style because it walks that fine line of Boho and classic—it leans a little nineteen seventies inspired, which is very on trend right now, too.

Shirt Dresses

Guide to surviving Florida heat: First, buy a cotton or linen shirt dress. Second, wear all summer. These are perfect for covering a swimsuit, but add a little jewelry and you are ready for a night out. It is a classic staple for a reason.

Denim Vests

Although I don’t think I can keep calling it “baby weight” when my baby is almost two, I still have some fluff that I want to keep off of display for now. I live in little dresses and skirts when it is hot, but I like to have another layer to add interest and structure. When I first saw that denim vests were called back into play, I scoffed, but now mine is one of my favorite things to pair with skirts and dresses, both long and short. You can’t fail with a denim vest over a black maxi dress. You just can’t.

I have to say, I feel pretty good about my summer wardrobe this year. What are your favorite ways to dress for a Central Florida summer?


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