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Intro to Essential Oils for Happy, Healthy Families

Join two dynamic dōTERRA Diamond Club leaders for an exclusive Diamond Club event where we will be able to share some extra incentives your way only available at this class.  You will learn how to benefit from natural support using therapeutic grade essential oils for supporting your emotions, health and home.  Bring some other moms with you too, as they will want to enjoy the fun we’ll be having experiencing these oils and finding ways to support sleep, emotions (any terrible twos? or anxious mamas?), keeping healthy during the wintertime and beyond and so much more!  Oh and we can share the good wife blend too!  Don’t delay register for your (free) seat at lynellshattls.synduit.com or connect with me at 703-298-5544 with any questions in the meantime and follow me on Insta and Facebook at Essentially Focused with Lynell for more ideas on using essential oils and living an essentially focused lifestyle.

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Melted Crayon Hearts

We are lovers of coloring in our house, and with that, there is definitely no shortage of crayons. In fact, our favorite bedtime stories lately also involve some rather silly tales of crayon friends who quit their jobs and then decided to come home. So, when I began brainstorming ideas for my little one’s Valentines […]

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Tips for Connecting Generations

Put away the cell phones and electronics this holiday season to make a generation connection.  Consider spending some time discovering your family’s stories with your children. As family members are getting older, this is the perfect chance to capture their stories. Our parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents have stories to share such as their first […]

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DIY Frugal Christmas Tree Decoration

Making Christmas Decorations on a Budget I challenged myself this year to not add to my already huge collection of Christmas decorations.  The only exception would be lights and ribbon. Before I began this endeavor, I of course turned to Pinterest for inspiration and new techniques.   I saw several sites about “frugal decorations” and decided […]

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Homemade Pumpkin Puree: Thinking Outside the Can

Fall is officially here! Especially with the last few days of brisk, cool weather! If there’s one thing that says fall… it’s pumpkins! Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake. Of course Publix has rows of perfectly aligned pumpkin purée striping it’s aisles, but I want the real deal: home roasted, homemade, perfectly natural pumpkin purée. But […]

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More Than Just the Turkey: Four Traditions for the Best Thanksgiving Ever

Guys. . . it’s almost Thanksgiving! I know this holiday can easily be overshadowed by its glitzy bookends Halloween and Christmas, but I truly love the spirit and tradition of gathering around a table for a huge festive meal. And I am borderline addicted to a connoisseur of stuffing so that may add to my excitement. Friends and […]

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Collecting Vacation Memories

Summer traveling is in full swing, which mean vacations or day trips. While on vacation, we tend to purchase that memorable t-shirts that will be outgrown in a few months or silly souvenirs that will end up being donated or trashed.  How about bringing  home  special mementos from your adventures that your family will cherish […]

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