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Winter Garden Kindermusik Playdate- “Critter Giggles”

Grow and Sing Studios Kindermusik Playdates are a one time 45 minute class for parents and kids on the go!

Our Kindermusik Playdates are a really fun Kindermusik family time experience mixed with take-home materials (including a 10 song download card to Kindermusik’s digital music website).

These classes are a perfect opportunity to experience what Kindermusik is like if you are considering subscribing to weekly classes. Our playdates typically follow a similar format month to month along with unique activities and music set to a monthly theme. Kindermusik playdates are recommended for babies up to 5 years old. They are multi-age classes, and parent interactive!

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Grow and Sing Studios Summer Classes!


It’s time to explore another amazing week of music, movement, and art, and we would love for you to join us. It’s never too late to jump in and join the fun! Contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Visit growandsing.com to learn more, including locations in which classes are offered.
Contact us at 407-970-2774 or [email protected]

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Safety Around Water Week

At the YMCA of Central Florida, we know that swimming is a life skill every child must learn to stay safe, secure and enjoy the water. Florida leads the country in reported child drownings, with 75 per year.

Safety Around Water is a 5-day introductory swim program for youth ages 5–12 years-old. Each day, children will enjoy water safety education and character development lessons in a safe, structured environment.

YMCA Swim Academy instructors will instill a love of the water while helping kids and parents build safety skills and knowledge.

There is no fee to sign up for Safety Around Water Week and classes are open to the public. Participating locations are listed below: 

  • Aquatic Center YMCA
  • Blanchard Park YMCA
  • Cocoa YMCA
  • Dr. P. Phillips YMCA
  • Frank DeLuca YMCA
  • Golden Triangle YMCA
  • Lake Nona YMCA
  • Osceola County YMCA
  • Roper YMCA
  • South Orlando YMCA
  • Titusville YMCA
  • Wayne Densch YMCA
  • Winter Park YMCA

Registration for the program is on a first-come, first-served basis, so families are encouraged to sign up online or in-person at their neighborhood YMCA as soon as possible. For more information on available time slots, visit ymcacf.org/safety-around-water.

Participating YMCA Family Center locations are listed below:

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Mindbender Mansion Exhibit

This eclectic exhibit takes the concept of brainteasers to a dizzying new level with interactive challenges guaranteed to test the brain power and problem-solving skills of even the most experienced puzzlers! Try to master the 40 individual brain teasers and five full-body-and-mind group activities in this fun and unconventional exhibit.

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Best Family Friendly Holiday Community Service Projects

Over the past year, my husband and I have realized that we may be missing the mark a bit with our parenting. Even though both of our kids are still young, the “give me’s” have been getting more and more intense. Can you relate? Every store we walk into they ask for new things. When […]

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Easy Ways to Decorate for Fall (Even If The AC Is Still On)

Living in Florida all my life means being totally dependent on the calendar to tell when each season begins and ends. Fall and summer feel pretty much the same for the most part, except we are starting to see the end of the daily 4:00 sunshowers and it takes a little longer to be drenched […]

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We cut the cable cord and we couldn't be happier!

We cut the cable cord and we couldn’t be happier!

Do you ever have the same conversation with your spouse over and over again? I’m not talking about a serious conversation. I’m talking about the one that never really gets resolved or has an ending hence the repetitiveness of it. The conversation that you just get annoyed with because, I mean really, how many times […]

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Their Space

  I’m conflicted about the state of my daughters’ bedrooms. They are thirteen and their rooms are a perpetual state of mess. One occasionally gets tired of her own mess and picks up. Her twin does not. I have always been a little OCD. Well, OK, maybe a lot. As a child my bedroom was […]

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