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Stop the Mom Shaming: Be a Buoy

Stop the Mom Shaming I recently observed a mom tearing down another mom, and let’s be honest, it wasn’t the first time. Whenever I see this happening, I am always left wondering WHY? Why tear each other down? Ladies, what are we really gaining when this happens? This particular time I felt the need to […]

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Mom Burnout – It’s Real

Maybe I am feeling this burnout more right now because of the time of year, or maybe I just haven’t given myself the space to revive recently, but I am in major burnout mode. I work from home and have two boys. On the majority of days I work (including work with the kiddos and […]

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Best Family Friendly Holiday Community Service Projects

Over the past year, my husband and I have realized that we may be missing the mark a bit with our parenting. Even though both of our kids are still young, the “give me’s” have been getting more and more intense. Can you relate? Every store we walk into they ask for new things. When […]

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Saying yes to “Yes Day”.

Saying yes to “Yes Day” It all started with this picture of Jennifer Garner on Instagram.  First of all, if that’s the way Jennifer looked after a “Yes Day” with her 3 children, then there’s no hope for me. That’s the way I look at the end of most days when I’m just trying to […]

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The Art of Surrender

Surrender. When we think of the word surrender, it does not typically conjure up positive feelings. Surrender – verb. To cease resistance to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority. “over 140 rebels surrendered to the authorities.” Synonyms include: capitulate, give in, give (oneself) up, give way, yield, concede (defeat), submit, climb down, […]

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