It’s Time to Take Care of YOU. Get Moving. You’ve Got This.

I run. Honestly, I run because it is the only outlet I have found that keeps me sane. It clears my head, keeps me grounded but at the same time keeps me moving forward regardless of how crazy it is at home. And as you already know, it can get CRAZY!

Being a mother to three daughters ages 5, 3 and 1, and having a husband who works unpredictable hours, finding time for my ‘me-time’ is hard to do. Not impossible but very challenging to say the least. In order for me to find an extra 30 minutes to an hour in my day, I needed to do something impossible…wake up even earlier!


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So, I started waking up BEFORE the kids. I know. That’s insane. Why would I do that? I was sleep deprived. I had a newborn and a two year old. And I was alone with them. All. Day. Long. Well…I knew I needed to find time for me and my reasoning was this, I’m tired anyway…why not wake up thirty minutes early? What’s the worst that can happen?

In order to get to the baby quickly without waking the rest of the house, I slept on the couch downstairs. So that made it a little easier to get up. I started out doing an online bible study and 5am actually turned out to be the perfect time to reflect, study and pray. It didn’t require me to get off the couch, the baby could still nurse and most importantly…the house was quiet. I could think without being interrupted.

Taking care of my spiritual needs first before the family woke up, made a HUGE difference in my attitude towards everything – my husband, our children and being a mother. I felt more confident in my decision making as a mother of two and had more patience with my children. I’m pretty sure my husband noticed the shift in me before I did which surprised me because he rarely noticed when I got my hair cut!  So when I was ready to start exercising, I applied the same thinking…in order to take care of me first, I need to wake up early.


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One of my favorite sayings…”A body in motion, stays in motion.” It appeals to the science side of my brain but I’m pretty sure I  like it because it puts a positive spin on the non-stop life of juggling the needs of my kids and my husband. Whatever the reason, however you look at it…it’s the truth.

If you’re ready to make a change in YOU and get your body in motion, check out my top five reasons to join a local running group…


We all know that if we attempt to exercise on our own, we may make it a week…two at the most. The demands of raising a family, working in or out of the home and keeping up with the day to day tasks of motherhood are usually enough to send me to the couch with the high hopes of a long overdue nap. Joining a running group and rsvp’ing to an ‘event’ keeps you going, day after day, week after week. And before you know it, you start working your schedule around the group runs.


As you run, walk or do a combination of both, you find others that run/walk at your same pace. And as you start adding up the miles, you start adding up the common likes and just like that a friendship is born. Some days it’s nice to talk about the kids, the husband and the family but other days it’s so nice to just talk about running, nutrition or what new hairstyle you’re getting next week.


Running is not easy. If it was, EVERYONE would be running marathons EVERY weekend. The fellow moms in the running group get it. They understand. They know it takes A LOT of work to get out of the house with or without kids. And then to exercise when all you want to do is sleep uninterrupted. But you go anyway. With or without words, those ladies keep you motivated to be a healthier you and a healthier mom.


On those days when you would rather be sleeping than running, your group reminds you of why you wanted to start running. They keep you moving forward. They walk when you need a break. They listen when you need to vent. They talk when you don’t want to. A running group offers a positive outlook of this crazy rollercoaster of a ride called motherhood!


Seriously, the best times of my days are when I’m out hitting the road with my running group. We laugh. We joke. We dance, skip and run our hearts out. Running gets you outside and forces you to breathe…breathe in the good and breathe out the bad. I promise you will come home from your run with a new perspective on the day and a bit more patience for the kids.

When you take care of YOU and you can take care of your family 100%!


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