Waxing the City :: Contributors Event {Re-cap}

We are super excited for one of our newest Orlando Mompreneurs, Katie Gibbs!

Katie is a mama of three who recently opened our one and only Central Florida Waxing the City franchise, in the Dr. Phillips shopping complex!


Katie and her fabulous entourage of cerologists invited Orlando Moms Blog owner Kristi Corley and our entire contributing team, to an exclusive pre-opening party for sipping, snacking, and mingling while sending us all home seriously SMOOTH!


Upon arriving, our contributors were greeted with a glass of wine, eats from Toojay’s, and given a one-on-one tour of the facility! Waxing the City killed it with their custom printed swag bags for each contributor full of sugar scrub samples (SO amazing that I bought myself an entire jar), hair ties and headbands (which I’ve worn basically every single day since the party), half-off discounts for ANY wax, super smooth lip balm, and custom stadium cups! Katie and the Waxing the City ladies also brought in a fabulous hi-tech photo booth just for us to get some super sweet selfies! We could even shop the shelves in the lobby which were stacked full of I Love My Muff wipes (hysterical yet, super necessary) and Hanky Pankies, only the most comfortable underwear ever!


WTC 17


ALL of the girls staffed at Waxing the City, I have to say, are FANTASTIC! I was even ready to adopt cerologist Rian as my live-in babysitter but, I’ll settle with just adopting her as my new bestie!

WTC 12

You would think that your ridiculously hairy legs or overgrown momstache would make you feel super awkward while these beautiful girls wax it all off but, they made each of us feel over the top welcome and comfortable that even our bravest victims came out of their private waxing room with a smile!

I was lucky enough to sit in with contributor, Anne Marie as she had her brows and legs done, and within five minutes of her laying on that chair, I was convinced to also have my legs done, THAT NIGHT.

WTC 14

WTC 15

WTC 16

The wax alone is BEAUTIFUL. It’s unlike any wax I’ve ever seen (coming from a girl who is a total DIY waxer)! The facial wax has this amazing blue-green tint and shines as the specialist pulls it up and out with her stick. It resembles hot sugar when being molded into candy, had it not burned and tasted like a crayon, I probably would have eaten it!


And the body wax?! It’s like LIQUID GOLD! It really should be named the Eighth Wonder of the World it’s so fascinating!

WTC 13

We’re so thankful to all of the ladies at Waxing the City Orlando and can’t wait to see where the future brings you!


See you soon for my next leg wax!

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  1. Amy August 8, 2016 at 8:24 pm #

    Kaitie and team are the BEST. Love Waxing the City!

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