Your Week at a Glance :: Week of July 22

Your Week at a Glance :: Week of July 22

This week we are focusing on self-care! 

Self-care. Everyone is talking about it, but mama, why does it seem like it’s so hard to do?! 

Why does it seem that we want to be everything for everyone…except ourselves?? 

 OMB owner Kristi here. I’m totally guilty of this. BUT! I made some baby steps   just this last week toward self-care. 

This last week I treated myself to a manicure.  (I know, 2nd ever in 40+ years!)

I had my very first blow out hairstyle 

And that cute dress  I was wearing…yup. I hardly ever go shopping for myself!

So mama, you can do it too! We have some ideas for self-care – some that include  splurging, and some that are free, in case the budget is tight! 

Ultimate Guide to July in Central Florida!

July is here, and with that comes watermelon, BBQ, pool parties, music and more. Here are the best activities happening around Orlando and Central Florida for your family in this Guide to July, sponsored by The Goddard School!

Self-Care: Secure your own mask first

I know I am not alone in this. We all have a tendency to let self-care go once we start a family. There is this palpable pressure to be everything for everyone. This is virtually impossible when we do not allow ourselves time to reset and recharge.

So mamas, let’s address self-care, and call out three simple rules.

Balancing College and Mom Life and the Beautiful Mess In-between

mommy and me

We are SO excited to announce a new contributor to the OMB team, Chelsea! In her first post, she gives us a peek into her life and how she is balancing college, mom life and the beautiful mess in-between. Besides writing, Chelsea’s other hobbies include DIY, decorating, being outdoors when it’s not too hot (because Florida!), party planning, singing and spending time with friends. Chelsea shares, “If you came to my house I’d probably not be looking cute, make you a cup of coffee and find enjoyment in just chatting while my toddler runs around scattering toys all over the kitchen!”


Guide to Favorite Indoor Play Places in Central Florida


Living in Central Florida, it’s inevitable. Summer is down-right HOT! Here are some INDOOR PLAY PLACES to keep the kiddos active and the parents sane!

Did we miss one of your favorites? Let us know at [email protected]

Your calendar of events for the week of July 22

Find out what’s happening in The City Beautiful this week!

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