5 Good Paying Jobs For The High School Grad

So your kids are about to graduate high school, and now they’re wondering “What next?” For some, the answer is to go onto college and earn their degree. For others however, this is not the path they want to go down. Instead, they are looking to get a job right out of high school and to start earning some money. If this is the route your child is looking to take, here are a few jobs that don’t require a college degree.

Auto Mechanic

If your child is good with their hands, then an auto mechanic might be the role for them. Cars are not going away anytime soon, and so there will always be a need for people who can fix them. You don’t need a college degree in order to become an auto mechanic, but your child likely will need some vocational and on the job training. Once complete, they can apply at any of the numerous auto repair shops in the Orlando area.

Customer Service

Another job that doesn’t require a college degree is to be a customer service rep. What is required is that your child is able to deal well with other people, and doesn’t mind spending long hours talking on the phone. Customer service can often be a thankless job, but you can take some satisfaction in knowing that you are helping people one person at a time. To get started as a customer service rep, you just need to find a company that is hiring, and they will likely put you through all of the training you will need.

Become A Driver

One great opportunity for new high school graduates is that of a driver. Whether your child is looking for something in the short term to make a little money, or something a little longer than can turn into a career, there are plenty of driver positions out there. For starters, your child can sign up with companies like Lyft or Uber – both of which are now available in Orlando – and drive people around your area. Or if they don’t mind working with food, restaurants are always looking for people to deliver to their customers.

If your kid wants something longer term, they should consider a trucking job. This will require that you get a special license – which means some training and testing – and your kid should be comfortable handling these large trucks, often for hours at a time. Trucking jobs are not for everyone, but if your child likes spending time driving, and doesn’t mind the hours, the pay is decent when you’re first starting out.

Office Clerk

Perhaps your child likes the office setting, but is not quite ready to jump into a full career that requires a degree. If so, an office clerk could be a good starting position for them. Office clerks handle a lot of the day to day tasks around an office – such as answering phones, filing papers, making copies, and whatever else the office needs. It’s a great way to see if you like working in the office, doesn’t require any advanced skills or training, and is a good way to get your foot in the door.

Working In Sales

Finally, does your kid get along well with other people? Do they have that sort of personality where they can talk to anyone, about anything? If so, then a sales job could be good for them. Companies are always looking for people to sell their products, and you can often find these jobs without a college degree. Depending on the type of things they’ll be selling – such as insurance – some additional training may be required. If your child can find a job that offers good commissions, and they are good at their job, they could be earning a decent living before long.

A College Degree Isn’t Always Necessary

frustrated high school student in classroom

Many students after high school think they have to get a college degree. While getting a degree is essentially required in some fields, there are many jobs you can do without one. Whether your child just doesn’t know what they want to do yet, or they feel like college isn’t for them, or they can’t afford it yet, there are plenty of jobs to be had with just a high school degree right here in Orlando.

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